Painter Life 02 - Orc complexion ?! Of course yes!

Painter Life 02 - Orc complexion ?! Of course yes!

A rise to all boys and girls !! As you well know, I'm Emanuele “Green” Terzoni of Green art of Colors, a professional modeling painting studio. Because live shows are important to me, being live allows me to be able to entertain you with useful tips and show you the correct procedures to be able to manage your models in the best

ways, what a simple youtube video does not allows you to do this because there is no interaction!

Between priming and toning

So I invite you all to comment, react and ask questions about this fantastic hobby during my live shows. Here we are at the second appointment of painter life, I hope that the first appointment has been to your liking and that you have been able to put into practice the procedures seen together in the livestream.In the first episode we treated the model in the initial phase, therefore zenith priming in gray scales ( black, medium gray and white) then subsequently we made a toning of the complexion on the bluish for the shadows up to a brighter green in the medium tones and a warm yellowish green for the lights, we then treated the torso with a brush with blending and glazing techniques so as to create greater nuance and transition.

Orc hero "Shargh"

Also for this evening, I warmly invite you to come to CulturaPop's Twitch channel at 6.00 pm to stay in my company until 20.00. What we are going to do tonight, we will continue our ogre hero "Shargh" of Scale75, we will carry on the skin and if we succeed we will also start another area of ​​our model. Having said that I wish you a very good start to the week and I'll wait for you tonight on twitch for countless ups and downs between brushes and colors