Overwatch 2, Sojourn will use a railgun: first details on the new heroine

Overwatch 2, Sojourn will use a railgun: first details on the new heroine

Overwatch 2, Sojourn will use a railgun

Overwatch 2 was the big absentee from the BlizzConline opening ceremony. On the other hand, in the following hours the developers of the Irvine house updated us on the development of the game during a series of panels dedicated to the Hero Shooter.

We were able to get to know the new maps of New York and Rome , take a look at the new look of some characters and know the team's willingness to give the Tanks a makeover in order to make them more involved in the game action. The Behind the Scenes video released by Blizzard also showed us in action the new heroine, Sojourn, of Canadian nationality and a former captain of Overwatch during the Golden Age.

In the second installment of the series, she will be fully armed new to the franchise, namely a railgun, a rail gun. As you can see in the short gameplay clips at the opening of the news, Sojourn's weapon has two firing modes: one at high cadence, and another with a very powerful single shot, described by Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman as a truly devastating attack if done with precision. This will make Sojourn a heroine capable of giving her best, especially in the hands of players with good aiming skills. Looking at the artwork shared by Blizzard, we also discover that Sojourn has several body parts that are cybernetic in nature, including boosters in her legs that allow her to move quickly with a slide. Its development is in any case still far from being complete, and many things could still change.

We don't know when we will finally be able to test Sojourn, but Blizzard has been clear in telling us that we shouldn't expect Overwatch 2 before 2022.

Sojourn and her railgun steps onto the stage in Overwatch 2

BlizzConline 2021 has kicked off, and needless to say, there are a ton of news to go through. For fans of the Overwatch franchise, there is obviously developments on Overwatch 2. Hero missions and skill trees are part of the conversation, and Blizzard is also mulling over what to do with the different roles in PvP. Two news maps in the form of Rome and NYC have been revealed as well. However, for a game like Overwatch 2, the heroes are the main star. Today, we finally got a better look at Sojourn, the new hero coming to Overwatch 2.

Her 2019 announcement teased a character with some explosive ordnance, and that she uses a rifle primarily. Fast forward to BlizzConline 2021, and we have a clearer idea of how Sojourn fits into Overwatch 2.

So for starters, her rifle has a secondary fire that is quite powerful. It is a precise railgun, and it can seemingly squash the other heroes in Overwatch 2 if multiple shots can be landed. Think of it like a technologically advanced sniper rifle.

It does not help that the railgun can be charged up for maximum damage. The charge level is conveniently displayed, just like how Widowmaker’s rifle does it.

As for the primary method of attack for Sojourn in Overwatch 2, it is a full-auto machinegun kind of situation. Instead of being similar to Soldier 76, Sojourn fires off shots more like Orisa or Sombra. In the hands of any veteran, she is going to be great for most combat situations.

Sojourn’s other abilities are still a mystery. She can apparently use her mechanical arm for combat, and her ability icons suggest something to do with area-of-effect. Blizzard will hopefully share more in the future.

Sojourn And Her Railgun Steps Onto The Stage In Overwatch 2 (2)

We do, however, know she has a good relationship with everyone’s favourite cuddly gorilla, Winston.

Overwatch 2 is not set to release in 2021, but getting a good look at Sojourn is good enough for now.