Nvidia changes the launch and specs of the RTX 3080 Ti again

Nvidia changes the launch and specs of the RTX 3080 Ti again
Following the update of its new roadmap, discussed with our colleagues at Videocardz.com, Nvidia could plan the launch of the much talked about RTX 3080 Ti by the month of April, in line with the latest statements released by the same manufacturer who intended. to present new cards at GTC 2021.

This shows that there will most likely be a further postponement of the launch date, expected in February, thus increasing the uncertainties about one of the most interesting cards of 2021. Other rumors very interesting speak of a card that will have on board 12GB of GDDR6X VRAM instead of 20GB, which was the quantity initially assumed.

The old rumors were about a card with 20 GB of memory on a 320-bit bus , but now the new specs would see a card with 12GB of VRAM with a 384-bit bus that on paper will be able to offer about 20% more memory bandwidth. Furthermore, as stated by @ kopite7kimi on Twitter, the card will be equipped with 10240 CUDA cores, only 296 less than the flagship RTX 3090.

The question that all users will ask themselves, however, will surely be whether “alone ”12GB of memory will be enough for a GPU of that range. If the rumors in question are fully founded, Nvidia will be able to provide its users with a significant increase in performance, given the greater bandwidth and the greater number of CUDA cores. In addition, a lower amount of VRAM would keep the hierarchies of the cards in the lineup intact, with an RTX 3090 that would maintain the primacy at the level of specifications. For content creators, the greater memory capacity offered by the top-of-the-range Nvidia card will remain its greatest strength, thus eliminating any risks of internal competition and outlining the actual hierarchies of the products of the house lineup.

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