Minecraft Dungeons: Flames of the Nether is available, the biggest update yet

Minecraft Dungeons: Flames of the Nether is available, the biggest update yet

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons gets the Flames of the Nether update / expansion, which looks like the biggest addition released so far for Mojang's particular action RPG, available from today, February 24, 2021 on all platforms planned.

The update features two sections, like the others released previously: a paid DLC that adds a new explorable realm to the game world and an accompanying free update, which adds content available to all players.

As for the paid component, Flames of the Nether includes the following content:

6 new levels, all focusing on the Nether biome that is added and expanded on this occasion in the world of New Minecraft Dungeons mobs and bosses within each level, also inspired by the Nether setting among piglins, hoglins, blaze, wither skeleton, ghast and even a mysterious boss New weapons and equipment to conquer and use New cosmetic items including two skins and a pet Baby Ghast More secrets, hidden areas and more content to discover

As for the free update, Flames of the Nether brings with itself changes to the Apocalypse Plus mode, condensing the 20 difficulty levels previously present in 10 and adding another 15, thus bringing the maximum power to the level of 250, with a new balance applied.

Among other novelties also Ancient Hunts mode, which allows you to build new procedurally generated levels using enchantment points, which contain ancient mobs and rare items. The Piglin Merchant is also added as a new merchant at the camp, the new gold currency is added alongside the emeralds, new enchantments and more.

Minecraft Dungeons has recently emerged to have surpassed 10 million players and last November it evolved with the cross play update that is now possible across the various platforms it is available on.

Minecraft Dungeons: Flames of the Nether focuses on the Nether Source biome

Minecraft Dungeons is now Xbox Series X|S Optimized with 'Flames of the Nether' update

Minecraft Dungeons Nether Dlc TeaserSource: Mojang Studios | Twitter

Earlier today, Minecraft Dungeons began releasing the Flames of the Nether expansion and update. Alongside the substantial changes in Flames of the Nether, Mojang Studios has also officially made Minecraft Dungeons an Xbox Series X|S Optimized title. That's right, Minecraft Dungeons will now look and play best on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S!

According to Mojang Studios, Minecraft Dungeons will now play at up to 4K resolution and 120fps on the Xbox Series X, while the smaller Xbox Series S will be able to play at up to 1440p resolution and 60fps. These numbers are variable, so Minecraft Dungeons can preserve performance when playing in local co-op, etcetera.

There may be other enhancements to Minecraft Dungeons' visuals, but they're not listed in the Flames of the Nether changelog. Minecraft Dungeons was already benefiting from the lightning-fast SSD in the Xbox Series X|S through backward compatibility, and took advantage of Xbox's innovative Auto HDR feature to increase dynamic range on-screen.

You can install the free portion of the Flames of the Nether update right now on your Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC, or Switch. Minecraft Dungeons is also available through Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming (Project xCloud). If you want to get the most out of Minecraft Dungeons and Flames of the Nether, consider picking up the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass, which includes the Howling Peaks expansion, the newly released Flames of the Nether expansion, and the next two DLCs for Minecraft Dungeons.

Now that Minecraft Dungeons is Xbox Series X|S Optimized, it could really benefit from one of the Best 4K TVs for Xbox Series X|S, many of which support that desirable 120fps.

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