Microsoft announces a gaming-themed event, what to expect?

Microsoft announces a gaming-themed event, what to expect?
In the past few hours, Microsoft has announced an event dedicated to the world of gaming and it will be the first of this 2021. Predictably, it will be a virtual event, mainly designed to deepen some issues concerning the world of the videogame industry today. , but with a look to the future. In fact, we will also discuss AI (Artificial Intelligence), another central theme of the event that undoubtedly makes every gamer who looks out of the window of this new videogame generation dream.

Being one of the most important companies of 'computer science to the world, there is no doubt that Microsoft is investing heavily in research and experimentation within such a vast field, that precisely in the gaming field it could give a more satisfying experience, especially considering the interaction between AI and users. "AI and Gaming Research Summit" is the title of the event in question, which will be held on 23 and 24 February. Speakers from Xbox, Mojang Studios, Blizzard and many others will intervene in this virtual stage. Among these, we mention Kareem Choudhry, Corporate Vice President of the Cloud Gaming division of Microsoft and, as expected, Phil Spencer, the famous Xbox leader, will also take part.

Specifically, the event focuses on four themes:

AI agents for gameplay and game testing; Responsible gaming, ethics, security, and inclusiveness; Computational creativity and content generation; Player understanding, user engagement, analytics. Microsoft's goal is to encourage open discussion and critical dialogue, presenting the point of view of academia and industry, in order to better understand each other's perspectives, and then discussing how to channel them into the vast landscape that includes AI and video games. For these reasons, considering that the ninth generation of videogames has just begun, it would be welcome to receive news also in the field of Xbox Series X | S. Nevertheless, considering the nature of the event, we invite readers to follow it without exaggerating their personal expectations. If you are interested in following the event live, you can do so by registering at this address. Warning: you must do it by February 19, 2021!

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