Echo Dot, Valentine's Day caress: 30% discount

Echo Dot, Valentine's Day caress: 30% discount
A caress from Amazon to all lovers is worth a discount of about 30% on the new generation Amazon Echo Dot which, in the case of the version with watch, brings the price to 49.99 euros. The drop below the 50 euro threshold only happened on the occasion of Black Friday and for a few hours, as stocks ran out quickly and the "ice white" version therefore remained among the most sought after and unavailable for a long time.

A caress of Valentine's Day in all respects, in short, to give lovers an opportunity with immediate and free shipping.

Echo Dot with watch: now is the time for discounts

This specific version of Echo has two distinctive features: the white color, which makes the device particularly elegant, and the LED under the protection grid which, while completely invisible when turned off, becomes a discreet and useful presence when turned on. The night turns the Echo Dot into an alarm clock: you turn it on with your voice ("Alexa, set the alarm at 7!") And turn it off with your voice ("Alexa, stop") or by placing your hand on the cap superior.

Taking advantage of Alexa, the Echo Dot is able to play music, summarize the day's news, remember the day's appointments and much more. The version with watch has a plus that makes it peculiar and that, on the occasion of Valentine's Day, finds a rare discount opportunity to take advantage of to get a different Echo Dot at home.

The version with watch is a special edition, available exclusively in white. The black version (without a watch in this case) is also discounted at a price of 39.99 euros (-33%).