Corsair sale: the M65 Pro Black RGB mouse in 36% promotion

Corsair sale: the M65 Pro Black RGB mouse in 36% promotion

Corsair sale

Corsair markets a wide range of gaming accessories for gamers who want to optimize their set-ups. It turns out that the M65 Pro gaming mouse is on sale at 36%, which is a price of 44.99 € instead of 69.99 €.


Equipped with a PMW336x optical sensor allowing to develop a sensitivity up to 12,000 DPI, the M65 Pro mouse is an assumed gamer . This Corsair mouse is also equipped with a Sniper button, ideally placed, to guarantee your headshots. Personalization is also at the heart of the development of this ally of your games thanks to the modulating capacity of the different elements of the mouse.

Buy Corsair M65 Pro RGB Gaming Mouse for € 44.99 instead of 69 , € 99

A mouse designed specifically for gamers

The MG65 Pro Black RGB is a mouse developed for gaming use. Its high-precision 12,000 DPI sensor, the special sniper button, the aluminum structure allowing the mouse to be made lighter without compromising its durability, all the components of this mouse have been designed to support you in your gaming sessions. In addition, thanks to the advanced customization elements, you will be able to adapt the distribution of the mass of the mouse, determine what sensitivity is necessary, and up to the colors you want to display.

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