Christopher Landauer guest at #donatoridiruolo

Christopher Landauer guest at #donatoridiruolo
The #donatoridiruolo project has restarted with a rich calendar of events open to all fans of role-playing games. To make this event even more special will be the presence of a welcome guest: Christopher Landauer, a prominent personality of the international gaming community, as well as a passionate role player.

#donatoridiruolo, a project born last autumn thanks to the commitment of Lucca Comics & Games and the National Transplant Center, thus continues its important mission to sensitize people on the issue of organ and tissue donation. The first series of #donatoridiruolo events saw a table of streamers and influencers, who for four Thursdays in October (live on Twitch) juggled the streets of Night City, in an original adventure for Cyberpunk Red written and narrated by Nicola DeGobbis.

The new series of meetings, open to all players, started with the new year and involved the collective of Italian associations Players Vs Coronavirus.

Landauer will be host of an epic session of Savage Worlds, in English, Saturday 6 February at 8 pm on the Discord server of Players Vs Coronavirus. To participate in the session it will be necessary to register with the appropriate form, using this link.

Christopher Landauer is famous for being one of the standard bearers of Rocky Mountain Savages, the most enthusiastic Savage Worlds community in the world and in the western USA. In addition to his commitment to the Savage Worlds community, Landauer is also the coordinator of GenghisCon and is the organizer of the Savage Worlds Official Event Crew and the Savage Cruise, as well as co-host of the Savage Cast.

His contribution to the game he is also an authorial role, in fact he is co-author of the manual Buccaneer: Through Hell and High Water and the highly anticipated (and forthcoming) SWAT: Spells, Weapons and Tactics.

For all information on #donatoridiruolo and the calendar of the event you can visit the following link.