Artemis: SpaceX will start building the Gateway

Artemis: SpaceX will start building the Gateway
NASA has announced that the first two Gateway modules will be sent into space with SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket. Elon Musk's company will therefore have the honor of starting construction of the small space station that will host the astronauts of the Artemis mission starting in 2024.

SpaceX begins construction of the Gateway

The Gateway is an "outpost" that will orbit the Moon to provide logistical support to astronauts. Construction will begin in 2024, when the Artemis 3 mission should bring the man back to our satellite (the conditional is a must because the roadmap could be changed).

The two modules aboard the Falcon Heavy rocket are EPP and HALO. PPE (Power and Propulsion Element) is the module that provides propulsion to the Gateway through 60 kW solar panels and that allows you to change the station's orbit. The module is made by Maxar Technologies (cost 375 million dollars).

HALO (Habitation and Logistics Outpost) is instead the housing module, that is where the astronauts will stay. Its construction was entrusted to Northrop Grumman Space Systems (187 million dollars). The two linked modules can be seen in the image at the beginning of the article. At the end of the “assembly”, the Gateway will look like this (the dimensions are about one sixth of the ISS):

SpaceX will receive about 331.8 million dollars from NASA. Two separate launches were originally planned, but it was decided to launch them together to reduce costs. The Falcon Heavy rocket meets NASA specifications. However, Maxar and Northrop Grumman believe that the single launch is risky because the load may be too heavy.

Source: NASA