A mysterious new monolith has appeared in Turkey

A mysterious new monolith has appeared in Turkey
Turkish authorities are investigating the appearance of another mysterious monolith in southeastern Turkey.

The metal block was found on Friday by a farmer in Sanliurfa province with a Turkish script that says: "Look the sky, look at the moon “. The monolith just over three meters high was discovered near the UNESCO World Heritage Site called Gobekli Tepe, which has megalithic structures dating back thousands of years before Stonehenge.

Turkish media reported Sunday that the police officers are viewing the CCTV footage and investigating the vehicles that may have transported the monolith.

The story of the mysterious monoliths has been going on for a few months, in which several of these "installations ”Have been discovered in several places on our country, even thousands of miles away from each other: the first, inexplicable metal monolith was discovered in the remote Red Rock Country of Utah on 18 November. The Utah Department of Public Safety publicly announced the discovery of the monolith on November 23, which was discovered by the Department of Public Safety and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources during a mission to count some species of sheep in a part of southern Utah. eastern.

Since then, additional monoliths have appeared across the country in California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and around the world in places like Romania, the UK, Poland, Finland and Ukraine. A Christmas edition built with gingerbread and held together with icing even appeared in San Francisco during the Christmas weekend and even here in Italy, more precisely in South Tyrol, one was found.

Despite the "claim" of a collective of artists for the installation of the same, to date there is still no explanation as to who placed these monoliths and why.

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