VR gives us a nostalgia effect: here is the perfect PS1 emulator

VR gives us a nostalgia effect: here is the perfect PS1 emulator

VR gives us a nostalgia effect

Nostalgia, especially the one related to the 90s, is really hard not to drive away. But now, thanks to VR, there is a whole other way to be able to fully experience it, thanks to a simple application that lets us emulate older consoles, such as the PS1, using viewers such as Meta Quest 2 (which you can find on Amazon).

Called EMU VR, it is precisely an emulator for virtual reality. A piece of the software has appeared on Twitter and the video portrays the experience of using a PS1. Experience that is far too detailed not to take you back in time. The video leaves us speechless: within an environment that doesn't exist we have to grab a CD, wipe it on the shirt (a gesture we made when a disc was too scratched or dirty to spin) and insert it inside the console. The lights go out and the magic happens.

It is, nothing less than a real but much more detailed emulation. And the best part is that EMU VR also works with other consoles, such as the GameCube for example. The software is available in beta at this address, but obviously there are already criticisms, such as the idea of ​​being faced with a sort of real alienation. The doubts are legitimate, but it is also true that older consoles and CRT monitors take up more and more space and perhaps this solution could be decidedly more practical.

PS1 in VR is crazy pic.twitter.com /s540uUEiYg

— Dexerto (@Dexerto) February 2, 2023

EMU VR is just one of the many experiments that can be done using viewers such as Meta Quest 2. Despite everything, however, the sensation is always only one: the virtual reality market always seems unable to make the leap in quality and join the more classic gaming systems such as PCs and consoles. The fear now is that it really could be relegated to a bitter chapter in the history of technology, such as 3D televisions for example. A legitimate sentiment, which should make all the "early adopters" of technology worry.

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