SuperBase V, the first plug-n-play storage system for your independence

SuperBase V, the first plug-n-play storage system for your independence

SuperBase V

During the last CES 2023, the main protagonists were the producers of accessories and devices for renewable energy which, in a moment of pure transition, is not even particularly surprising. Zendure , one of the fastest growing clean energy startups, was among the various prominent names, which took the stage of the CES in Las Vegas to introduce a new portable system known as the SuperBase V.

SuperBase V is a fully-fledged portable powerhouse, with semi-solid-state batteries capable of providing clean, continuous support. Created primarily for those who live far from a power outlet, SuperBase V also offers an immediate response to the needs of those who need fast power support even at home, thanks to its compatibility with 115 and 230 Volt voltages.
Zendure semi-solid state batteries offer customizable (modular) and expandable capacity from 6.4 kWh to 64 kWh; the maximum configuration (with two base units and eight batteries) stores enough energy to power the average household for over a week. Aiming to offer 360-degree renewable support, the batteries support up to 3,000 Watts of solar charging input. In this context, when paired with a solar panel system and AC power, SuperBase V can be recharged in just one hour (up to 5.9 kW of double charging).

In terms of integration and management, SuperBase V is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, for fast and intuitive voice control. The Zendure app, available for Android and iOS, also offers users numerous tools to monitor, manage and customize the flow of energy and -potentially- reduce the cost of the bill.

Each station is equipped with a wide variety of connections: from the more classic USB-A to the more recent USB-C, with a maximum number exceeding 10. Those who adopt this type on the move can instead connect SuperBase via a 12V connector, the classic cigarette lighter connector.

SuperBase was also created to offer valid support to those traveling by electric vehicle; the presence of a Type 2 connector, combined with battery power, can offer a few extra kilometers of range (and even a full tank, depending on battery availability).

Key aspects:

semi-solid state batteries from 6.4 up to 64 kWh; fast charging also with solar panels; dual voltage 115 and 230 Volt for domestic environments; presence of Type 2 connector for recharging electric cars; smart and monitorable via a dedicated versatile App with extensive compatibility in terms of ports and connectivity; portable with motorized wheels and removable handle; highly modular and modular with the accessories available on the official website. The size of SuperBase is not within everyone's reach, however, the system is extremely portable thanks to the presence of a pull-out handle and motorized wheels for easy portability. SuperBase V is available on the official website at a starting price of $3,699 for the V4600 version, up to about $45,000 for the one including the dual V6400 unit, 8 batteries and solar panel.