Sanremo 2023: how the winner of the festival will be elected

Sanremo 2023: how the winner of the festival will be elected

Sanremo 2023

After leaving the first two evenings of the Sanremo 2023 festival behind us, tonight all 28 singers in the competition will take turns on stage. Although there are still two episodes left before the final, many viewers are already trying to guess who will be the winner of this edition, thanks also to the rankings that are drawn up based on the votes of each evening. But how does the selection of the song that will win first place take place? We remind you that in the 2019 edition, Ultimo, competing again this year with the song Alba, had contested the victory of Mahmood, who had won first place thanks to the votes of journalists and experts. Last, however, the favorite of the home crowd, had taken third place. Let's see together how the vote takes place, what are the criteria that are considered and who elects the winner of the Sanremo festival.

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Who votes

The final ranking depends on the vote of viewers, who express their preference from home via landline televoting or from mobile phones, by the 300 people who make up the opinion poll jury - identified by Ipsos with criteria of age and geographical origin as a representative sample of the Italian population - who vote through a dedicated application, and by 150 journalists, divided into three groups: newspapers and television, radio and the web.

When the various groups vote

During the first two evenings of the festival, only the 150 journalists in the press room voted: each of the three groups accounts for one third of the votes. From tonight, however, when all 28 singers in the competition will perform, it will be the turn of the public and the opinion poll jury. The preferences of both groups will count for 50% of the votes collected. In the fourth evening, the one dedicated to duets and cover versions of songs that the artists will be able to choose from those published in Italy and abroad from the 1960s to 2009, however, all three groups will vote: televoting will count for 34%. while opinion poll jury and press room for 33% each. After the votes of each evening, a ranking will be drawn up with the average of the votes collected on that evening and in the previous ones.

The last evening

During the last evening everyone will perform the artists and it will be up to the public from home to express their preference. Once the voting is over and the ranking has been updated, the singers who will be in the first 5 positions will have to sing again. At this point, as for the fourth evening, journalists, viewers and the opinion poll jury will have to vote at the same time, and the ranking will be formed without taking into account the votes that the 5 singers have accumulated during the other evenings. The winner will be identified from this last vote.

The news of Sanremo 2023

In this edition the singers in the competition are a total of 28, 22 big and 6 selected by Sanremo Giovani 2022, while until last year there were 25. Among the novelties of this year there is also one that concerns the final: in the final part, the first three classified up to that moment will not perform, but the first 5 . Furthermore, until the 2022 edition, the opinion poll jury was made up of a sample of 1,000 people: this year, however, there are 300.