Rosa Chemical, who is the artist that Fratelli d'Italia does not want in Sanremo

Rosa Chemical, who is the artist that Fratelli d'Italia does not want in Sanremo

Rosa Chemical

According to the deputy of Fratelli d'Italia Maddalena Morgante it could transform the Sanremo festival " into the most gender fluid appointment ever": the participation of Rosa Chemical , born Manuel Franco Rocati, who made her debut at the Ariston in the 2022 edition duet with Tananai in a reinterpretation of A make love begins you by Raffaella Carrà entitled You start, the deputy did not go down well, who said she was disconcerted by the announcement of the singer who expressed the desire to bring on stage "the sex, polygamous love and porn on OnlyFans". A trend which according to Morgante, as he reported in his speech to the Chamber, has also involved the latest editions of the festival, transforming the event "into yet another spot in favor of gender and of fluid sexuality”.

About a week ago, Rosa Chemical shared on her Instagram profile, Gipsyboirosa, the cover of Made in Italy, the song she will bring to Sanremo, announcing that she is the first singer to reveal the cover of a piece on OnlyFans: “S*sso. Freedom. Equality. Love in every sense. And everyone at the table! -she had written in the caption of the post-. Made in Italy is this: it's pizza and checkered tablecloth, it's @alex_mucci, creator number 1 in Italy and symbol of a platform victim of prejudices, but also red wine and spaghetti. Made in Italy is feet, with which to trample on what is generalist and which closes everything inside a cage made of taboos. Made in Italy wants to free us from censorship, stereotypes and political correctness. As? We are the first in Italy to unveil the official cover of the song on OF". The rapper specified that the version of the cover published on Instagram is the one that complies with the rules of the social network, while the one available on his OnlyFans channel is the explicit version. In the Instagram post you can see the legs of the model and content creator of Only Fans Alex Mucci, while he tramples a pizza on a laden table.

Born in 1998, before embarking on his musical career he was a graffiti artist. Gucci model from 2018, his stage name is a dedication to his mother-Rosa, in fact-and to the band My Chemical Romance. Success for the hip hop singer came with TikTok, in which he sings along with Radical, and with Polka made with Thelonious B. and producer Greg Willen. Rosa Chemical has also made a second and third version of the song, polka 2 :-/ , with the Milanese rappers Guè Pequeno and Ernia, and Polka 3 , released in 2022. Among the songs that have gone viral on TikTok, there is it is also London , in which Rosa Chemical sings with Rkomi . Among his greatest successes we also remember Britney ;-) feat. Mambolosco and Radical and Boheme.

In 2022 he also joined Gianna Nannini in CanovA's piece Benedetto l'inferno, a hymn to sex, one of the main topics of his songs, which are an invitation to experience everything related to the sexual sphere in freedom : “I can't be your boyfriend, today I'm his girlfriend”, he sang last year on the Ariston stage in a duet with Tananai, definitively breaking what is unfortunately still a taboo in institutional circles.