Nintendo will price its video games on a case-by-case basis

Nintendo will price its video games on a case-by-case basis

Yesterday we reported a possible increase in the prices of Nintendo games. It all started when some American retailers had decided to stop pre-orders of the new The Legend of Zelda, with the eShop page that had been updated to include a price ten dollars higher than previously communicated. Now the Japanese giant has intervened on the matter, with a note to Game Informer.

Let's move on to the good news: not all Nintendo games will cost 70 Dollars (or 70 Euros). The price, according to what is communicated by the Japanese giant, will be evaluated from time to time, on a case-by-case basis. A game like the next Zelda, due to the hours of entertainment it can offer and the production values, will potentially be about ten Euros or Dollars higher than other products. It goes without saying that such a statement did not fully convince the players.

"I have never bought any game for 70 Dollars and I will continue not to do so as long as I can", the words of a ResetEra forum user. The same board then collected very similar comments. Some have even accused Nintendo of wanting to make the most of the fan base, which in the case of its games is obviously even more loyal than that of Sony and Microsoft. However, the market strategy seems destined not to be changed in the future and on the other hand in Europe it has already been like this for some time: in Italy, France and the United Kingdom Breath of the Wild has always cost about ten euros or pounds more compared to the price of the other exclusives.

In addition to Zelda, it is very likely that the next Pokémon games will also match the current price. This means that a price adjustment will be very probable in Europe, but obviously they are only hypotheses, which will only find confirmation (or not) at the launch of future Nintendo Switch first-party video games. Keep following GameDivision for news and upcoming announcements from the world of video games.

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