Lamborghini: "it's not time yet" for an electric supercar

Lamborghini: it's not time yet for an electric supercar


Lamborghini is experiencing a truly golden moment in recent years, thanks to the Urus but not only: this success has allowed the Italian-founded company to make ambitious plans for the future, plans that were announced last November, with the first 100% electric Lamborghini expected in 2028. No surprise in this respect, all the car manufacturers are announcing electrification plans, but in the last few hours new information has leaked online following an interview with Rouven Mohr, Lamborghini's Chief Technical Officer, on the occasion of the 24 Hours of Daytona.

According to Rouven, electric mobility technology is not yet ready to be applied to an ultra-high performance vehicle such as a Lamborghini must be, but that does not mean that a new vehicle cannot be developed that can exploit the electric traction.

“As far as supercars are concerned, we believe that the right time has not yet arrived, we believe it will take even more than 5 or 6 years before the technologies technologies are suitable for a sports car, which cannot be too heavy. We want to avoid entrusting our performance to a battery, which is always influenced by its state of charge and temperatures.”

The first electric Lamborghini will therefore be a car designed for less extreme use, while taking into account the sensations that the average customer seeks when buying one.

“We think the market is already ready today for our idea of ​​an electric car, but to make it happen we need to be able to make it an effective car, because Lamborghini customers expect something extraordinary, not something you can easily find from other manufacturers as well.”

As regards the future of traditional supercars, for several years the company has aimed to rely on hybrid systems, judged as the most efficient for returning to the required parameters without needing to distort the car too much.

2028 is still far away and the cards on the table could change, even if for now Lamborghini seems to have clear ideas on which road to take undertake.