iPhone, how to delete duplicate photos in a few steps

iPhone, how to delete duplicate photos in a few steps


It is useless to deny it: one of the great "sufferings" of modern smartphones is the size of the memory: although they have progressively increased (even in a very significant way) it seems that it is never enough.

Ed one of the main causes, alongside large apps, is our passion for photos and for sharing them. Which, however, brings with it an unpleasant, and sometimes not perceived, side effect: not satisfied we often tend to take the same shot several times, thus ending up having multiple copies of the same image, identical or almost identical; copies that "erode" the space available to us. Obviously it is possible to intervene and delete them manually, but the process is so cumbersome and boring that it is soon put aside. This may now become a thing of the past thanks to the new features introduced in iOS 16 that make deleting duplicates extremely simple.

However, the steps required to do this, while very easy to perform, may not be as obvious to "find". So here is our guide on how to remove duplicate photos from your iPhone

How to remove duplicate photos from iPhone

Before starting, two small warnings:

the procedure will work only if duplicates are detected; otherwise it will stop at the second point. by duplicate photos (but more generally double files) we mean elements that are very similar to each other, which in fact differ in small elements such as slight differences in pose, resolution, format, different metadata and so on Now let's see what are the steps to take to easily eliminate all the duplicate photos on our iPhone.

Start the App " Photos ” and then tap on “ Album ”; Scroll down to the bottom and enter “ Tools ” and then in ” Duplicates ”; Once inside the "Duplicates" folder you can inspect the files present; using the " Merge " button their information will be agglomerated, while the excess ones will be deleted; Alternatively, you can use the "Select" option at the top to group "batch" duplicate photos. In this case Apple has stated that the App selects the version with the highest quality, as well as combines and preserves the important data that differ (such as metadata or information on the location of the shot). We point out that deletion will not be immediate: if we want to think again, it will be possible to recover what has been deleted by going to the "Recently deleted" folder. Otherwise, after a pre-established time (generally 30 days) the files will be permanently deleted.