FS Urban systems, 15,000 charging points are arriving at stations

FS Urban systems, 15,000 charging points are arriving at stations

FS Urban systems

There are more and more realities that aim to offer adequate services to motorists. In terms of new electric cars, it is in fact essential to have an efficient charging network throughout the country that can therefore meet the needs of users in view of the increase in zero-emission vehicles. In the past few hours, the FS Group company, known as FS Sistemi Urbani, and Class Onlus have entered into a collaboration agreement which aims to install more than 15,000 charging points in about 250 car parks by 2025.

It is no coincidence that the partnership places support for green mobility at the basis of the project, guaranteeing interchange between different means, such as trains and cars. In fact, the two companies plan to build recharging infrastructure close to the railway stations of urban centres.

With today's agreement, the FS Group's Urban Hub confirms its commitment to increasingly green and sustainable, in line with the objectives of the 2022-2031 Business Plan. The charging stations will be installed in various car parks near the stations, which will become real intermodal hubs, where users will be able to safely recharge their vehicles while reaching their destination by train, commented Umberto Lebruto, CEO of FS Sistemi urban.

It is clear that the creation of a charging infrastructure near railway stations will lead to the creation of real intermodal hubs where users can easily recharge their cars while they are on the train.

The signed agreement will make it possible to touch the important environmental revolution in urban areas under the responsibility of FS. The goal is to succeed, by 2025, in installing over 15,000 charging stations and photovoltaic panels in the iron-road interchange parking areas, connecting them to the energy communities created with the Municipalities. In this way, many electric motorists will be able to go to the stations, find a reserved and equipped car park for recharging, travel or commute and return in the evening to find their vehicle with a charged battery, these are the words of Camillo Piazza, President of the Association Class Onlus regarding the new agreement.