Double discount on Honor Band 5! At this price it should be taken on the fly!

Double discount on Honor Band 5! At this price it should be taken on the fly!

Smart bands are a very useful device in everyday life, starting from the quick reading of messages and notifications up to the support for everyday physical activity. Among the proposals not to be missed, there is undoubtedly theHonor Band 5, an excellent quality entry level item that is doubly discounted thanks to a coupon! In fact, you will be able to take it home for a little while for just €20.80 instead of €39.99.

On the Amazon page, the model in question is already down by 15% but, to get a further 18 %, simply tick the appropriate box, present under the price of the smart band. Given the validity of the product and the ongoing promotion, we advise you not to let them miss the opportunity!

But let's see in detail all the features made available by this smart band. First of all, the Honor Band 5 has a 0.95 ″ screen, equipped with a robust 2.5D glass color touchscreen display, robust and scratch resistant therefore ideal for literally everyday wear.

The functions that you can take advantage of are really many, starting from the real-time monitoring of heart rate and sleep, as well as respiratory quality. The device takes care of precisely identifying the main sleep problems and offers you over 200 personalized suggestions to help you improve your moments of rest!

The activity tracker, on the other hand, intelligently measures the SpO2 monitors blood oxygen levels and monitors changes in your body. As we anticipated in the introduction, it is an ideal smart band to support you even during training and in addition, having a water resistant design up to 50M, it is also perfect for swimming.

Read also: Valentine's Day 2023: gift ideas for him Having said that, we just have to send you back to purchasing the product, inviting you to consult the Amazon page dedicated to the offer, also suggesting that you complete your purchase, at least before the end of the discount or, worse, the product is out of stock.

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N.B. Remember to tick the coupon box in the appropriate section of the cart before completing the payment.

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