Among Us violated the Geneva Conventions

Among Us violated the Geneva Conventions

Born centuries ago, the Geneva Conventions are a series of international treaties that cover different aspects of human life. Surely you are already aware of it, but what you did not know is that Among Us, the popular multiplayer game that has become a mass phenomenon due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the (involuntary) advertising of some streamers has actually violated a series of treaties signed precisely in Geneva.

No, we're not crazy, and neither is InnerSloth. The US development team fortunately did not take an active part in any war using banned weapons, but was forced to change a small detail of Among Us . Detail found in the MedBay of one of the maps and which concerns the symbol of the cross, associated with ambulances and the Red Cross. Originally, the cross itself was indeed red, but it is something that really violates the Geneva Convention.

“Here's a fun fact: after the game became very popular in 2020 we had to change the color of the cross present in the MedBay area, because it apparently violated the Geneva Convention “, we read in the twitter released last night on the official Twitter profile of the game. The Canadian Red Cross provided us with an explanation of why it is forbidden to use the cross in its original color. "The use of this symbol in another context distorts its meaning and its values ​​for all the victims of conflicts", reads the official website of the association. And so InenerSloth decided to change the color from red to blue.

Amazingly, we've failed console cert on THREE different games for this exact thing

— Mike Rose (@RaveofRavendale ) February 1, 2023

It is not an isolated case: other developers and publishers have already had to change the colors of the Medkits. Like publisher No More Robots, who in response to InnerSloth's tweet let it be known (via Mike Rose) that they failed three different games to get console certified for this reason. Exactly as happened with Among Us: before its arrival on consoles (you can catch up with the game on Amazon), probably no one would have really noticed.

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