Activision: Microsoft is concerned that Sony's complaints are working

Activision: Microsoft is concerned that Sony's complaints are working


Despite the go-ahead from Brazil, Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard still has to pass several exams. The first relates to that of the UK, with regulators trying to understand better and looking seriously worrying from Sony's statements. Jim Ryan, head of the PlayStation division, has in fact expressed himself very negatively about this deal and now in Redmond they fear a stop to everything, which is why we continue to respond and above all to send a message.

“They are only theories that are not sufficient to justify all this”, the words contained in a Microsoft press release. "Sony may not be happy with this competition, but it has the skills to adapt," continues the document, which then cites the huge number of consoles sold by the Japanese giant, with a base of 150 million units compared to 63, 7 million Xboxes. There is also room for the theme of exclusives: 280 exclusives have appeared on PlayStation between first and third parties, on Xbox five times less.

We then obviously move on to Call of Duty and consumer protection. According to Microsoft, not publishing the series on PlayStation anymore would not benefit either reality. As for the players, however, according to the Redmond giant "users would benefit from this increase in competition and choice", with a clear reference to Xbox Game Pass.

Take-Two CEO Says Microsoft Buying Activision Is A Good Thing For the Industry

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Microsoft’s attempt to buy Activision has been the talk of the town since the deal was first announced. Its already been approved by Brazil while the CMA’s second round of investigation is set to wrap up in March. And now, Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick has shared support in a recent interview.


Speaking with The Wrap, Zelnick was asked if he thinks that the deal will go through given the challenges it has already faced. He replied, “It’s hard to know. I can’t really predict what the regulators will do. We’re certainly of the belief that it is a good thing for Microsoft and the industry. We’re in favor”. He also explained his rationale behind this stance by saying, “It’s a highly fragmented business and there’s plenty of room for creativity to go around, and Microsoft is an ally of ours, and if this makes their business more powerful, we think that’s good for us'.

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Zelnick was also asked if he thinks Activision will become Microsoft’s core focus to which he replied, “Ultimately the consumer votes, and if we create great hits, which is our business, the consumers will show up, and no one can take that away from us, no-one can replicate that”. He also said that Microsoft will want to always push its most powerful properties and if it isn’t engaged in doing so, “that would be a bad thing for Microsoft”.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, has already mentioned that he is confident that the deal will go through. He has also found an ally in Meta, who has supported the decision alongside Take-Two.

However, it is still facing heavy pushback from one of its biggest rivals, Sony. One of its major concerns is the future of Call of Duty titles on PlayStation beyond the current deal, which now hangs by a thread as both parties failed to reach an agreement. SIE’s Jim Ryan also reportedly flew to Europe to convince the EU to scrutinize this deal.

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