Sound Burger: the return of the portable disc player now with bluetooth and usb

Sound Burger: the return of the portable disc player now with bluetooth and usb

Sound Burger

Demonstrating the growing popularity of vinyl, Audio-Technica has announced a historic comeback, the Sound Burger portable record player, originally released in 1980 and now re-proposed with a very similar design, but with not indifferent improvements in terms of quality, battery with the introduction of the usb type-c interface and connection for playback due to the addition of the bluetooth module for wireless communication. Only 7000 copies will be produced, all numbered to also become a collector's item and it is not difficult to imagine that it will be sold out in a short time.

Vinyl is living its second youth with now regular releases of singles and albums of great artists and a consolidated overtaking on the cd support, which looks from the bottom upwards its ancestor with almost three times less revenues (Riaa data of the first quarter of 2022). In short, from the first physical support for listening to music, vinyl now welcomes the very welcome return of the particular Sound Burger portable player that pays homage to Audio-Technica's 60 years with a design identical to the 1980 AT272 model capable of operating at 33 or 45 rpm by inserting the disc and placing the player on a stable surface.

Sound Burger - the interiors

The new version is called Sound Burger AT-SB2022 and improves stability thanks to a new engine optimized, it also adds the bluetooth 5.2 module to listen to music in high quality by connecting wireless headphones. Furthermore, the internal battery lasts 12 hours before having to be recharged via usb type-c: always via cable it is possible to use Sound Burger in a fixed position. The final weight is about 1 kilogram for a length of just over 25 centimeters. The price is 200 dollars or about 200 euros, while the old version is still traceable on secondary channels at more than double.