Starfield will answer an epochal question

Starfield will answer an epochal question

Since it was postponed Starfield has gone from being one of the most anticipated video games of 2022, to one of the most anticipated of 2023. To date, we still know little about what is in effect the new great epic space of Bethesda, and although for the moment the game does not yet have a better defined launch window, the US company occasionally comes back to tell us something new about its title. Just recently, the development team spoke out revealing some more details that increase the curiosity towards the project.

The new information about Starfield allows us to better understand some elements of the outline that underlie this new gaming universe. In fact, in the new effort by Bethesda , humans had to leave the Earth to resettle on Mars . This exodus, so tragic and mysterious at the same time, will be one of the themes that will be treated within the experience.

Will Shen, lead quest designer of Starfield, gave us new implications on this issue, who recently stated that players will be able to visit different planets within the game, but the Earth, it seems, has become an inhospitable and now impossible place to inhabit. It is not yet clear if we will be able to land on our home planet to see what state it is in, but if you look for human interactions, you will surely find those on Mars and not on Earth.

“Players will be sent on a mission to uncover the mysteries of the artifacts. And they will find themselves wondering what happened to Earth, but they will also go to visit Mars,” Will Shen said in an interview excerpt in which he participated. All beautiful and very intriguing, but to date, unfortunately, we have to underline again that Starfield does not have a more specific launch date, with the game that will arrive in a more generic 2023.

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