The World Cup in Qatar will be on FIFA 23, the mode appears on PlayStation

The World Cup in Qatar will be on FIFA 23, the mode appears on PlayStation

The World Cup in Qatar will be on FIFA 23

Just a few hours ago Electronic Arts announced that FIFA 23 has become the chapter of the sports series with the best launch ever. Once again, the EA Sports game has proven to be one of the biggest selling games for the market and the most popular virtual football experience for fans. Now, in a special season like the current one, it seems that the latest iteration of FIFA will have an extra mode that will appeal to those who follow the world of football.

As we can see on Twitter thanks to the FIFA 23 News account, the image of the menu makes it clear what kind of experiences we can expect from the mode World Cup in FIFA 23. In addition to being able to play friendly matches, there will also be the possibility of playing online tournaments with the national teams that will take part in the next world cup which will begin on November 20, 2022.

EA have accidentally released the World Cup mode early on Playstation ✅ # FIFA23

- FIFA 23 News (@ FUT23News) October 12, 2022

FIFA 23’s World Cup mode leaked early to some players — here’s what we know

WORLD Cup mode is being developed for FIFA 23 to be released in time with the real FIFA World Cup starting November in Qatar.

However, some FIFA 23 players on PlayStation 5 have caught glimpses of the upcoming mode as it was accidentally leaked early.

The men


The men's World Cup mode comes this November, while the women's starts next summer.Credit: EA Sports

Only a few screens were shown, but it has given us quite a bit of information on what we can expect from the upcoming mode.

There are quite a number of changes players weren’t expecting which would add to the replayability of the mode.

According to Eurogamer, screenshots posted on Twitter have revealed more clubs than expected in the FIFA version of the World Cup.

While the real sporting event only has 36 nations, and therefore teams, participating, the upcoming mode will have 48 teams.

It is still unknown who these 12 extra teams will be, though it is likely to be teams that were expected to qualify.

This includes many countries where football and FIFA are popular such as Italy, Hungary, Nigeria and Sweden.

From the screenshots we could also see that there will be four different ways to play FIFA’s World Cup mode.

These four sub-modes are: FIFA World Cup Live, FIFA World Cup Kick Off, Online Tournament, and FIFA World Cup 2022.

The last three modes were available the last time a World Cup mode was added to FIFA, back in FIFA 18.

FIFA World Cup Live would be an all-new mode coming to FIFA 23.

Fans are speculating that this will be a mode where players play in online matches using their favourite team.

Players’ scores will then go towards their team creating the game’s own World Cup leader board.

A similar mode has been used in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) before, so it wouldn’t be that unusual if something similar is added to the upcoming World Cup mode.

We’ll find out more when FIFA 23’s World Cup mode officially launches in time for the real world event on November 20.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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