Samsung Exynos chips will be back, but not so soon

Samsung Exynos chips will be back, but not so soon

Samsung Exynos chips will be back

Samsung would be ready to abandon Samsung in favor of… Samsung!

No, it's not a strange pun: currently Samsung Mobile relies on a Samsung LSI for the creation of chips for smartphones . But according to some rumors something may have changed .

A report from Elec states that Samsung has created a chipset or application processor (AP) development team within Dell's mobile experience (MX) business 'agency. The division is responsible for managing the company's smartphone operations. The chipset development team will allegedly be led by Executive Vice President Choi Won-joon: Known as a wireless chipset expert, Choi joined Samsung after working for chipmaker Qualcomm in 2016.

However, a similar position already exists and is currently "occupied" by Samsung System LSI, which designs logic chips like Exynos that Samsung Mobile Experience uses in its Galaxy phones. Elec's sources suggest that the most likely reason for forming a chipset development team within the mobile division itself would be to be able to develop its own smartphone processors for Galaxy phones. The sources also deemed it less likely that the team was created to further optimize Exynos processors for Galaxy phones. When asked about it, one of Elec's sources would have said:

“ There appears to be no reason to create an 'AP Solutions Development Team' within the MX division simply for AP optimization. The MX division is a newly formed organization to self-create the APs they need “.

Not it would be the first time we've heard of Samsung's ambitious plans for its in-house chipsets. Reports surfaced in May that Samsung was working on an ambitious “Galaxy-exclusive” chipset slated for 2025 and would skip Exynos processors for 2023 and 2024. Samsung has since signed a deal with Qualcomm to use the processors Snapdragon 'globally' in Galaxy flagship phones, starting with next year's Galaxy S23.

Creating a truly in-house chipset development team brings with it several questions: Would these chipsets still made by Samsung Semiconductor or could they be made by TSMC? Will the new processors still offer AMD graphics? What does this mean for Samsung LSI's Exynos processors? We'll just have to wait and see, as Samsung, when asked about it, did not answer any of these questions