Roomba Combo: vacuums and washes and is 37% off!

Roomba Combo: vacuums and washes and is 37% off!

Roomba Combo

If you are thinking of buying a robot vacuum cleaner with a really convenient quality/price ratio, perhaps ideal as a Christmas present for mum or dad to keep the house tidy with minimal effort, our advice is not to miss out on the promotion available at moment on Amazon. For a short time, and only while stocks last, you can buy the iRobot Romba Combo, with a discount of as much as 37%! For now, you can take it home for just €249.90 instead of €399.00.

Leader in the field of robotics, iRobot develops and manufactures vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners based on movement and cleaning algorithms. smarter and more refined. The Wi-Fi connection with which the most recent models are equipped also allows very convenient remote management of your cleaning even when you are away from home . The Romba Combo, for example, allows you both to collect dust and dirt, and to take advantage of a quick and excellent washing system. Precisely for this reason, we invite you to complete your purchase, as long as there are units available!

The powerful suction motor of the Romba Combo model is supported by a large V-shaped brush and 2 side edge cleaners for an excellent 3-phase cleaning system that today. No less important, it can also count on a microfiber cloth and a water delivery mechanism that allows it to vacuum and wash at the same time. It manages to capture dust, dirt, animal hair and hair from hard floors and carpets, leaving no escape even for residues along the walls and in the most hidden corners. In addition, you can adjust the suction power according to your cleaning needs. All this, combined with the iRobot HOME app that allows you to program the device and take advantage of excellent personalized cleaning suggestions, according to your preferences.

An electronic dispensing system also regulates the flow of water (or cleaning solution) and keeps the microfiber cloth at the right level of humidity. This prevents annoying accumulations of liquids and ensures quick drying. The intelligent navigation system with movement in a straight line, on the other hand, uses special recognition sensors to clean in a logical and targeted way, following precise paths and arriving in the rooms of your home that you prefer.

Read also: Robot vacuum cleaner | The best of 2022 That said, all we have to do is send you directly to the Amazon page dedicated to this offer, once again reiterating the invitation to take advantage of this discount, since we don't know how much the stock of available products is.

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