TV and monitor mounts | The best of 2022

TV and monitor mounts | The best of 2022

Have you just given yourself a new TV or do you need to replace a broken monitor stand or are you simply looking for a TV wall mount to finally sort out the clutter present on the furniture in the living room? Your PC monitor does not allow height or rotation adjustments and you want to solve the problem? We have all been there at least once and it is not always easy to untangle the many products on the market that could be right for you.

For this reason we have decided to collect in this guide the best stands for monitors and TVs , in this way choosing the support that best suits your needs will be a little easier. We have selected for each type of stand a product that in our opinion does not necessarily represent the absolute best product but the one we believe has the best purchase price / quality ratio.

You will therefore find wall mounts below, table, floor and even a TV cabinet including shelves and cable guides that can accommodate all the products to be connected to your TV. All models listed are compatible with VESA standard mounts of various sizes, making them suitable for virtually any monitor or television. And if your TV has an important diagonal or has a few extra pounds, don't be discouraged, there is something for you too!

How to choose your TV stand?

As easy as it may be, buying the perfect TV stand for your device is more complicated than it sounds. To bring home an ideal product, in fact, you need to spend time evaluating the characteristics of each individual model. Since we are talking about a fairly simple product, looking at the different possibilities available to you is essential to ensure an optimal purchase.

When it comes to TV stands, it happens to limit oneself to standard solutions without paying too much attention to one's specific needs and the spaces available to us. In this way you risk finding yourself with an unsuitable and unsatisfactory support. In the list of features that we will list below, we will help you understand how to choose the perfect product for you among those we have proposed. From a couple of technicalities up to the VESA standard.

VESA Standard

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standard Association and refers to a consortium of 225 TV manufacturers that has established the standard dimensions for fixing televisions and monitors using supports. The value referred to is the distance between the mounting holes on the rear panel, which allows you to immediately evaluate which TV mount is compatible with your television.