New City Hunter Movie Will Be Final Chapter, Here Are New Details

New City Hunter Movie Will Be Final Chapter, Here Are New Details

New City Hunter Movie Will Be Final Chapter

City Hunter, the historic masterpiece of the 80s written and illustrated by Tsukasa Hojo in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, will return with a new animated film to celebrate the 35th anniversary and is defined as the final chapter.

The new City Hunter film will be the final chapter, here are new details

For the new film project, the original author of the comic has also created a dedicated poster which reveals, in plus, the release in theaters set for 2023 . Here it is:

The protagonist of City Hunter, Ryo Saeba, in the foreground of the poster of the film. On the occasion of the announcement in April 2022, the  Aniplex YouTube channel unveiled a first trailer. We reproduce it below:

Regarding the cast, Akira Kamiya will return as Ryo Saeba, Kazue Ikura as Kaori Makimura, Harumi Ichiryusai as Saeko Nogami, Tessho Genda as Umibozu and Mami Koyama will play Miki.

We remind you that the manga series is currently being published in Italy with a new 12-volume edition entitled City Hunter XYZ. You can retrieve here the review of the first volume and, on our advice, buy it on Amazon if you haven't tried the cult yet.

About City Hunter

L he City Hunter anime was produced by Sunrise for a total of 4 seasons. The first two series, consisting of a total of 114 episodes, were purchased by Mediaset and dubbed into Italian by Merak Film in Milan. Subsequently they were broadcast on MTV from 4 October 2004, on Man-Ga from 2011 and on Italia 2, for the first time in a remastered version, from 14 September 2020.

Subsequently, the anime series were first published by Dynamic Italia (starting from the unpublished City Hunter 3 ) and then Dynit; the animated films, specials and OVAs instead were published by Yamato Video. The 2019 film entitled  Shinjuku Private Eyes  is instead published by Dynit.

As for the original manga, it was published in our country first by  Star Comics and then by  Planet Manga which edited the latest edition, City Hunter XYZ , which collects the historical edition of 39 (35 in the Japanese version) in 12 volumes. Hojo also serialized the spin-off Angel Heart and while then newcomer Nishiki Sokura created City Hunter Rebirth.

Here is a synopsis:

Ryo Saeba, also known as City Hunter, is a scavenger who caters to all the needs of his client. He'll do everything from bodyguard to murder-for-hire, but he'll only take the job if a beautiful woman is involved, or if the client's sincerity makes his heart tremble. Together with his partner Kaori Makimura, the younger sister of his late best friend, Ryo, Ryo fights the evil that haunts the city.