Skoda Vision 7S, released new details on the interior

Skoda Vision 7S, released new details on the interior

Skoda Vision 7S

Skoda has released new details on the interior of the Vision 7S concept which will be unveiled at the end of August. The car will inevitably be characterized by well-finished interiors with a minimalist style. In recent months, Skoda itself has released the first sketch of the interior of the Concept Car Vision 7S, revealing a spacious, innovative and versatile car that can accommodate up to seven people.

Thanks to the new images released by the Czech manufacturer it is possible to take a look at the details that characterize the interior of the car: the new oval-shaped steering wheel and the screen that has been positioned vertically do not go unnoticed. It is the first time, in fact, that the car manufacturer Skoda has decided to adopt this provision on one of its cars. As confirmed by the manufacturer himself, the focus has been on the tactile controls that appear on the steering wheel, on the door panels and under the vertical screen.

The new stylistic language is minimalist, functional and authentic. In the future, we will continue to focus on ŠKODA's traditional strengths, namely large interior spaces, ease of use and high standards of functionality. With this new approach we intend to focus even more attention on the experience of our customers. The great creativity of ŠKODA designers and engineers is evident in every detail, such as the movable interior elements or the new Simply Clever solutions, such as the integrated child seat. The deliberately minimalist lines reflect the stylistic approach of the bodywork on the inside, commented Oliver Stefani, Head of ŠKODA Design.

Skoda offers new glimpse of Vision 7S interiors; unveiling on Aug 30

Skoda Auto has offered a second glimpse into the interiors of its electric car - the Vision 7S - which will be unveiled on August 30. According to a statement issued on Monday, the seven-seater Vision 7S features a minimalist interior with a high degree of functionality and intuitive operation.

'The first interior sketch of the Vision 7S gave an impression of the minimalist interior design and generous space for up to seven people in three rows of seats. Skoda has also included some of its signature Simply Clever features,' the statement said.

The interior sketch of the electric car showed a symmetrical 'wrap-around' design that 'gives passengers a sense of security'. The sketch also revealed a flat and wide instrument panel which extends to the doors and emphasises the width of the interior, Skoda added.

The Vision 7S will have a vertical infotainment system - a first for any Skoda Auto car.

The sketch also highlighted the electric car's perfectly balanced haptic and virtual interfaces as well as the optimal ergonomics.

The steering wheel has an innovative design with vertical spokes. The steering is flattened at the top and bottom to provide a clear view of the instrument cluster for the driver.

'Below the central display is a centre console with three large, haptic rotary controls; these, along with two large buttons and a rotating control beneath them, form a haptic control panel,' the above statement added.

Special storage compartments have been provided below the haptic control panel, where passengers can dock their phones.

The first sketch of the Vision 7S, which was released in July, gave details regarding the design and space of the electric car's interior.

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