Elden Ring: One of the coolest weapons in the game comes true

Elden Ring: One of the coolest weapons in the game comes true

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is undoubtedly one of the great protagonists of the videogame year that is about to close. It is no coincidence that From Software's latest work is one of the experiences with the most nominations at the next The Game Awards 2022 together with the more recent God of War Ragnarok. In all of this, the world created by From Software with its latest creation continues to release a unique energy, so much so that many enthusiasts continue to create tributes of all kinds to the game, characters, moments and iconic weapons present in the Interregnum.

The new tribute that is making the rounds on the web is the work of an enthusiast known online by the nickname of 'ExImryll'. This enthusiast worked to create in real life one of the most interesting weapons used by players in Elden Ring : the rivers of blood katana . This kind of sword is often used not only to play against the AI, but there are many enthusiasts who also use this kind of weapon in PvP battles.

After making his real-life counterpart, this user posted five photos on Reddit that showcase this katana in detail. It is precisely the details that stand out in an incredible way, from the irregularly wavy blade to the blood color that completely permeates the entire part of the blade. Everything is incredibly faithful to the blood rivers katana in the game, even if, apparently, this reproduction appears a little shorter.

Done recently replica of RoB from Eldenring

This is just the latest tribute from an Elden Ring fan. There is no doubt that with this new IP From Software has managed to hit the mark on several levels. We are talking about a work of such great success that not even Hidetaka Miyazaki himself has been able to give an answer as to why his latest title has been so much appreciated far and wide.

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