Cloud switchboards from SMEs to multinationals: interview with Paolo Fortuna

Cloud switchboards from SMEs to multinationals: interview with Paolo Fortuna

Cloud switchboards from SMEs to multinationals

Cloud switchboards represent the natural evolution of traditional customer service telephony. We talked about it with Paolo Fortuna , Managing Director of NFON Italia , an important telecommunications company that offers cloud solutions for telephone systems. NFON offers cloud telephony services that modernize communication and offer numerous advantages for companies.

A cloud PBX is managed as a service, therefore in "as-a-service" mode: customers draw on the infrastructure from the cloud and eliminates the need to manage the platform in the enterprise.

Cloud switchboards This leads to various advantages: the first of all is the simplification of the process. Businesses no longer need to manage, maintain and upgrade telephony infrastructures. Using the cloud gives you a lot of flexibility in adopting technology and you are no longer tied to physical devices that quickly become obsolete. “Those who adopt solutions of this type realize that they can have all the typical capabilities of traditional telephony while relieving themselves of the management of an on-premise infrastructure” said Fortuna.

Then there are the functional benefits such as the possibility of using the application from any device. With cloud switchboards you get rid of the physical limits of traditional telephony without losing the core functions of the infrastructure. Accessing the service is much simpler for operators: there is no longer the number linked to the physical device but we are talking about the more generic concept of "contact" reachable from any device.

We must also consider the important reduction in costs: with a cloud switchboard it is no longer necessary to invest in old infrastructures, often out of production and without spare parts. Furthermore, since corporate resources no longer have to deal with telephone devices, they can be dedicated to the company's core business.

The cloud integrates perfectly with the remote work scenario which has arrogantly replaced the way of working in presence: the virtual switchboard allows you to use the office number without being tied to the physical place, since any device can represent the professional contact. Operators can work from anywhere because they are disconnected from the device.

Cloud switchboards Many traditional switchboards still exist in Italy, so the market has enormous growth prospects. According to data collected by NFON and presented by Fortuna, 36.5% of companies will consider switching to cloud PBXs in the future; the percentages of companies that intend to do so and of those who have already done so or are in the transition phase are around 26-27%; only 9%, on the other hand, has no intention of changing the infrastructure.

The main reason that keeps companies from choosing the cloud is to be found in Italy's classic cultural lag: among our country's SMEs there is still some distrust towards the new, above all when, as in this case, it is a question of profoundly changing the service model. However, the percentage is low and this new infrastructure is taking off.