BMW's electric cars will not exceed 1,000 kilometers of range

BMW's electric cars will not exceed 1,000 kilometers of range

BMW's electric cars will not exceed 1

BMW aims to significantly improve the range of its electric cars but without exaggerating. In fact, the Bavarian company is preparing to launch a new generation, the sixth, of its batteries for electric cars with the aim of guaranteeing an improvement in the range of electric cars by up to 30%.

Second the plans of the Bavarian house, the next generation electric will be able to reach up to 1,000 kilometers of travel with a single charge. The particularly interesting data on the issue is linked to the choice of a precise ceiling to define the autonomy objectives of electric cars.

According to what revealed by Thomas Albrecht, head of Efficient Dynamics of the German group at Autocar, it is not necessary exceed the limit of 1,000 kilometers of autonomy with a charge for zero-emission cars. This limit represents the point of arrival (at least for the moment) of the development of the BMW electric range.

BMW 7 Series Note that BMW will launch next generation batteries starting in 2025. The debut will take place on the occasion of the arrival of a new platform that will be optimized to integrate cylindrical battery packs. This solution should offer greater autonomy but will be calibrated in such a way as to bring BMW's electric mileage up to a roof of 1,000 kilometers.| ); } Beyond this threshold, therefore, the new Bavarian models will not venture. To supply the new generation batteries to BMW will be CATL and EVE. It should be noted that the new cells, in addition to greater autonomy, will guarantee a reduction in overall dimensions (10-20%) compared to the solutions currently in use. In any case, it will be necessary to wait for further official details to clarify the actual characteristics of the new BMW solutions coming in the next few years.