The AEW roster expands: two great debuts at Dynamite

The AEW roster expands: two great debuts at Dynamite

The AEW roster expands

The road to Revolution, the next PPV of Tony Khan's Company scheduled for the beginning of March, is starting to get more and more interesting. The AEW roster continues to expand thanks to two major debuts in this week's episode of Dynamite: that's who it is.

Two great debuts at Dynamite

The first shocking debut was that of Keith Lee, former NXT Champion fired by WWE three months ago. Keith had been the protagonist of great moments in Stamford, all of them face to face with Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble in 2020. Many were hoping for his push in the main event area, but Vince McMahon has shown that he does not want to bet too much. .

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The second major debut, however, was that of "Switchblade" Jay White, former Grand Slam Champion of New Japan Pro Wrestling. The storyline of the “Forbidden Door” continues, which sees stars from other Federations land in AEW.

Jay White then appeared again in Rampage, attacking Trent Barreta with his finisher. We'll see if there is a match between the two at Revolution, scheduled for March 6 in Orlando, Florida.

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AEW Dynamite Results: CM Punk showcases 'Perfect 10' performance in dominant victory.

Last night’s edition of Dynamite proved to be stacked, featuring multiple high-calibre returns. It also featured the likes of Adam Cole, AEW Women’s Champion Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D, CM Punk, Serena Deeb, and a main event grudge match between two of the best tag teams in AEW.

Jon Moxley promo-

After a 3 month absence, Mox was back and better than ever as he gave a personal and moving speech and update for the AEW fans live in attendance and for those who were tuning in at home. A fired-up Mox made it clear that no one was going to stop him in 2022.


Adam Cole and AEW Women’s Champion Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D def Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander-

Baker and Cole begin the bout with a series of quick tags instigating mind games with their opponents.

Cole and Baker were looking to carry on the momentum that they, Red Dragon, and The Elite have had over Best Friends over the past few weeks.

Both teams would have a back and forth throughout the bout with numerous near falls with both teams kicking out by the skin of their teeth. A memorable spot was Cassidy kicking out of the Panama Sunrise.


In the closing moments of the match, Cole and Baker look to put away Cassidy by setting up a table on the outside. Cassidy attempts to hit Cole with a running lariat but he avoids it causing Cassidy to collide with Baker, putting her through the table.


As the referee is checking on Baker, Cole capitalises on hitting Cassidy with a low blow before instantaneously finishing him with the BOOM to pick up the victory for the power couple.


CM Punk def Shawn Spears-

After surviving the “Powerbomb Symphony” courtesy of Wardlow, CM Punk was one step closer to getting his hands on MJF. But first, he had to get through Shawn Spears.

A confident Spears went into this match adamant of stopping Punk in his tracks. MJF made his presence known watching from the commentary table.


Spears came out the gate fast charging Punk which instantaneously backfired with Punk reversing Spears and out of nowhere putting him to sleep complimentary of the GTS.


Post-match sees Punk celebrating and as he briefly turns his back MJF emerges but just enters the trap planted by Punk who grabs hold of his rival before MJF flees again, however, Punk was left with MJF’s scarf which he held like a trophy.

Cody Rhodes promo- 

 The returning TNT Champion took to the ring to address the AEW fans.

Cody would explain the concept of the wrestling revolution and how he spearheaded it to a whole new level, comparing it to the revolutionary moment in professional wrestling when CM Punk dropped the infamous pipe bomb.


Cody would then disclaim the situation of the TNT championship and issue a challenge to Sammy Guevara to unify the belts in a ladder match at Beach Break. 


The Kings Of The Black Throne def Varsity Blonds-

Malakai Black was looking to make the Varsity Blonds momentum fade to Black as the expansion of the house saw the debut of Brody King.


Malakai and Brody started the match strongly with Brody demonstrating his strength against the Blonds. Pillman Jr would get a few shots in but it wouldn’t be enough as Brody and Malakai would dominate the bout before hitting Dante’s Inferno to pick up an impressive victory and have their first win cemented in the tag team rankings.


Post-match saw a small video package interrupt Malakai as he addresses the members of The House Of Black. It would be revealed to be Pac who sent a chilling warning to The Kings Of The Black Throne.


Lance Archer def Frankie Kazarian- 

 It was clear Archer had cemented his presence in the AEW World Championship picture after attacking the champion Hangman Adam Page.

Archer would carry on the momentum in this bout as Archer would dispose of Frankie Kazarian with ease. Kazarian would have some momentum but ultimately The Murderhawk Monster’s power was too much for Kazarian as he picked up the victory after dropping Kazarian with a devastating Blackout.


Post-match saw Archer ready to send a message to the champion and it was a message well received as the AEW World Champion emerged and a brawl ensued between the two with Hangman suppressing the momentum of Archer. 


Serena Deeb def Skye Blue – 

Following up from a dominant victory over long-term rival Hikaru Shida. Serena Deeb had all the momentum going into this match with Skye Blue.

Deeb would dominate the bout from start to finish, demonstrating just why they call her the woman of a thousand holds. She dissected every part of Skye Blue before mirroring what she did to Shida and targeted the knee before locking in the Serenity Lock to pick up a quick and impressive victory via submission.


Sting and Darby Allin def The Acclaimed-

The rivalry between these two teams has been boiling for numerous weeks and as the two teams collided in this grudge match the stakes were high.

Sting and Darby were looking to remain undefeated as a team while The Acclaimed were looking to solidify their status as the top-ranked tag team on the AEW roster.

The match began with The Acclaimed wisely disposing of Allin by incapacitating him from a chair spot that saw Darby launched into the turnbuckle with a chair wrapped around his head.


This left Sting to fight the number 1 ranked tag team all alone in a 2 on 1 handicap.

The Acclaimed would hold the momentum for the majority of the match with them punishing Sting.In the closing moments as The Acclaimed look to put Sting away with a spot on the steel steps, Cater is blasted off the steps by a red hot Allin who returns to level the playing field.


Sting would follow up by putting Caster through the table, while Allin hits Bowens with a stunner in the ring before finishing him off with the Coffin Drop, keeping the undefeated record alive for him and Sting while cementing potentially their biggest win as a team by defeating the top-ranked team of 2022.


You can watch AEW internationally on FITE TV.

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