Martin Luther King protagonist of an educational project on Fortnite

Martin Luther King protagonist of an educational project on Fortnite

This is not an improbable skin, but a project in collaboration with Time and aimed at the young audience of the popular multiplayer title

(Photo: Epic Games) The protagonist of the special event “Journey through time ”On Fortnite is none other than Martin Luther King Jr. in a project that is now the only one of its kind on the popular game Epic Games, in collaboration with Time Studios. Users will in fact be able to visit D.C. 63, the digital version of Washington D.C. set almost half a century ago, to attend the famous “I have a dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall, accessing a series of educational contents to get to know the important historical figure more closely.

This encounter between a title that has become famous for its violent battle royale mode in which you have to take out all opponents and the leader of the civil rights movement of African Americans and Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1964 is dramatically murdered by a sniper. four years later, while in Memphis. However, the intentions of Epic Games are precisely those of pausing the challenges to the death to raise awareness among the young audience of users on an important character and historical period and, especially in the last period, which seems to be current.

The virtual environments of D.C. 63 also come from the game's creative mode community and bear the signature of users ChaseJackman, GQuanoe, XWDFr and YU7A. Traveling through time in 1963 with your avatar, you can visit the places of the famous speech, listen to the words of Martin Luther King Jr., visit the exhibition and educational spaces and complete some mini-games in collaboration with other players. A kind of school trip, with a small final prize: by completing the special challenges on the theme of the civil rights movement you will receive a D.C. 63 for the game locker.

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