Dying Light 2: Stay Human: Ronin Pack trailer, second free DLC

Dying Light 2: Stay Human: Ronin Pack trailer, second free DLC

Dying Light 2

The Ronin Pack is Dying Light 2: Stay Human's second free DLC. Techland announced it with a new trailer, with which it showed its contents. Like the previous free DLC, this one is also divided into three parts.

The Ronin Pack will be available for all versions of the game, ie PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S.

For more information on the game, read the our review of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, in which we wrote:

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is the living emblem of the I wish but I cannot, of that aiming too high that can sometimes make you fall ruinously . Let's be clear, this is a game that can be very fun and rewarding, with good progression and an overflowing amount of content that will thrill all fans of the first chapter. However, it is evident in too many contexts that something in the course of development did not go the right way and this forced the team to make cuts in the story, approximations in the physics engine and in the management of artificial intelligence, as well as forced them to dedicate less time than expected to clean up and optimize your code. If you are looking for a dense, original action that knows how to get noticed in the sea of ​​open world of recent years thanks to some peculiarities, you can launch yourself on this game, but keep in mind our criticisms since you will necessarily have to pass over a whole series of issues.

Have you noticed any errors?

How to heal in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 presents Aiden with plenty of opportunities to hurt himself. Players will need to know how to heal in Dying Light 2 between fighting infected, Renegades, and gravity. Thankfully, Aiden has plenty of healing options to choose from, like medicine, campfires, medkits, and sleeping bags. Here’s how to heal in Dying Light 2, the best ways to heal, and when you should burn through your healing items. Sometimes, respawning is the better option.

A pair of beehives in Dying Light 2.How to heal in Dying Light 2

The first healing recipe you’ll learn in Dying Light 2 is basic medicine. The medicine works more like bandages, but we’re not arguing semantics. Either way, Aiden must gather the necessary ingredients, craft medicine, and then “apply it” to recover HP.

Step 1: Keep an eye out for chamomile and honey, the only two ingredients you’ll need for crafting medicine in Dying Light 2. You’ll find plenty of both on rooftop gardens scattered all over Villedor. These gardens are marked by tall yellow trees, making them near impossible to miss. You’ll also find a usable weapon and other resources other than healing ingredients. These gardens are always worth looting whenever you pass by one.

Step 2: Scroll to the crafting tab and hover over the medicine icon. Here, you’ll either craft single items or a batch (which burns through all your available resources). Other than medicine, you’ll use honey and chamomile to craft various boosters. One of those boosters, the Regeneration Booster, heals you over time. However, we never found ourselves using one, and the upgrade materials needed to make them viable are better spent on other items. Furthermore, we never crafted other boosters in general, as they’re abundant in-game. So we recommend batch-crafting as much medicine as you can.

Step 3: Apply medicine whenever you’re low on health. Medicine does take a few seconds to apply, so give yourself some breathing room before healing mid-fight. Thankfully, the application time and total HP restored improve as you upgrade medicine via craftmasters. Head to the nearest craftmaster and exchange infected trophies and old-world money to upgrade your medicine (and other craftable items) further.

While medicine acts as Aiden’s primary (and immediate) source of healing, there are several other ways to heal in Dying Light 2.

how to heal in dying light 2 medicineMilitary medkits

Military medkits are the best healing item in Dying Light 2. However, you won’t find any until later in the game, at least not in abundance. You can earn military medkits as quest rewards or find them while exploring GRE facilities. They’re plentiful during the epilog, so open every medicine cabinet you come across to stock up.

You apply military medkits the same way you’d use any other consumable. Unlike medicine, these medkits are a near-instant heal and recover all of Aiden’s HP. They’re considered artifact-tier consumables.

Don’t waste military medkits while out exploring. You’re better off heading to a safe zone or campfire. Use them to avoid dying at the end of a long mission, even though you’d still respawn at the last (and very generous) checkpoint.


Campfires only require a little bit of patience and a keen eye to restore all of your health. As you’re exploring Villedor, you’ll see these book-like icons on your compass denoting a campfire. Approach the circle of survivors and sit down with them to gradually recover HP. It may take a minute, especially if you’ve sunk several upgrades into health. However, campfires are the best way to recover HP without burning through resources or finding a safe zone.

Survivors sit around a campfire in Dying Light 2.Safe zones

Sometimes, a good night’s sleep is all Aiden needs. When you’re running low on HP, don’t want to burn through supplies, and can’t find a campfire, resting through the day or night recovers all of Aiden’s HP. Don’t want to run around at night? No worries. Just wait until morning to pick up where you left off. Since no quests in Dying Light 2 are necessarily time-sensitive, Aiden can rest as often as he pleases. There’s no reason to head into Villedor with anything less than full health.

The price of death

Dying Light 2 doesn’t have to be as punishing as Dark Souls, but it could have been a little more challenging. Whenever Aiden came close to the brink of death, especially while out exploring, it was more beneficial to try and fight it out (risking death) than waste healing items. So when you’re asking yourself how to heal in Dying Light 2, the best answer (sometimes) is don’t. For the price of a few XP points, you can respawn nearby with full HP.

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