Pokémon Presents: date and time of the new presentation on the occasion of Pokémon Day 2022

Pokémon Presents: date and time of the new presentation on the occasion of Pokémon Day 2022

Pokémon Presents

Nintendo has announced a new Pokémon Presents set for this weekend, during which we expect important news for the Game Freak series. The presentation will air at 15:00 Italian on Sunday 27 February 2022, the day in which Pokémon Day 2022 is celebrated.

According to the information revealed by the social profiles of The Pokémon Company, the Pokémon Presents of February 2022 will last about 14 minutes and will be broadcast in steaming on the official YouTube channel of the series, which you can reach at this address. So we are not talking about a particularly long presentation, but it is still a more than adequate amount of time to present important news.

Pokémon Presents, logo Considering that February 27 is celebrated as Pokémon Day 2022, they could in fact get announcements of a certain thickness. Among these could be the global release date of Pokémon TCG Live, which recently entered beta testing in Canada. It is not to be excluded a priori, then, a possible DLC of Pokémon Arceus Legends (according to a leak, one will be released as early as April) or Pokémon Sword and Shield. Less likely given the timing, but not impossible, an announcement relating to the ninth generation of Pokémon. We'll see.

What do you expect from the Pokémon Presents in February 2022? Please let us know in the comments.

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Pokemon Presents Stream Coming On February 27 For Pokemon Day

The Pokemon Company is going full Saturday Night Live to celebrate Pokemon Day, providing a weekend update in the form of a new Pokemon Presents livestream on February 27 at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET.

The Sunday stream was confirmed by the official Japanese Pokemon Twitter account via a tweet that read the following (as translated by Twitter): 'From 23:00 on February 27 (Sun), 'Pokémon Presents' will [premiere] on the official Pokemon YouTube channel! We will deliver the latest information in about 14 minutes of video.'

The majority of previously announced Pokemon projects have been released, meaning this new Pokemon Presents may reveal new games for the franchise. One previously known title that could make an apperance in this presentation is a sequel to the 3DS adventure game Detective Pikachu, while the brand-new reveals could include the ninth generation of the core Pokemon series following 2019's Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Last year's Pokemon Day Pokemon Presents video celebrated the 25th anniversary of the franchise with multiple brand-new announcements, including remastered versions of the fourth generations of games in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, as well as a new approach to the classic Pokemon format in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

The new Pokemon Presents livestream comes almost exactly one month after the launch of the aforementioned Arceus. GameSpot's Pokemon Legends: Arceus review called it 'a significant reimagining of what makes a Pokemon game, with an exciting level of flexibility that's only slightly hampered by a slow early-game grind.'

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