Intel Arc Alchemist with 256 EU equals entry-level GPU in Geekbench 5

Intel Arc Alchemist with 256 EU equals entry-level GPU in Geekbench 5

Waiting to get your hands on a notebook equipped with one of the Intel Arc Alchemist mobile GPUs, new benchmarks continue to be seen conducted on the main dedicated software, a symptom that an increasing number of people, and manufacturers, are carrying out various tests on the products. coming to market in the near future. A few days ago, we reported to you about an OpenCL test conducted on an alleged engineering sample of Arc Alchemist GPU with 512 Vector Engine in desktop version, a card that should go shopping in the medium-high range of the market with opponents of the caliber of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 and AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT.

Photo credit: Intel Today's news also starts from the report of the well-known leaker Benchleaks on Geekbench 5, starring a mysterious laptop equipped with the CPU Intel Core i5-12500H and an Arc Alchemist GPU with 256 Vector Engine and 6GB of VRAM. The laptop in question, in the OpenCL test, scored 46,540 and 45,483 points in two different runs, scores close to those recorded by outdated graphics cards such as the AMD Radeon RX 580 (or RX 480 and RX 5600M) and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Supe r (or GTX 1080 Max-Q).

if (jQuery ("# ​​crm_srl-th_hardware_d_mh2_1"). Is (": visible")) {console.log ("Edinet ADV adding zone: tag crm_srl -th_hardware_d_mh2_1 slot id: th_hardware_d_mh2 "); } If we were to rely only on this data we would probably have to be disappointed by these performances, comparable to an entry level product of the other two major GPU manufacturers, but, remember, that it is a single test and therefore it will be necessary to verify the behavior of the card with the various video games on the market. Also, consider the fact that the drivers may still be immature and therefore not take full advantage of the new chips.

[GB5 GPU] Unknown GPU

CPU: Intel Core i5-12500H (12C 16T)

Min / Max / Avg: 3756/4480/4430 MHz

Codename: Alder Lake

CPUID: 906A2 (GenuineIntel)

GPU: Intel Xe

API: Open CL

Score: 46540, -67.3% vs RTX 3070

VRAM : 6.33 GB

- Benchleaks (@BenchLeaks) February 26, 2022

As usual, for the moment we don't have than to wait patiently to get hold of a definitive sample of the product to reach the final conclusions.