Elden Ring for PC: a mod allows you to unlock the framerate and exceed 60 fps

Elden Ring for PC: a mod allows you to unlock the framerate and exceed 60 fps

Elden Ring for PC

Elden Ring is available in stores from today, after having won the ovations of international critics. However, the game is not free from defects and among these there is the framerate locked at 60 fps on PC, that is, it is not possible to exceed this threshold even with a respectable configuration. Fortunately, a new mod has arrived to the rescue of the players, one of the first for the work of FromSoftware, which allows you to unlock the framerate and get around this limit.

The mod was made uberhalit and as mentioned previously allows to remove the 60 fps limit on PC and set another one as you like. According to the modder, it does not modify any game files, however we do not recommend using it if you intend to play online. Furthermore, the game was designed to run at a maximum of 60fps, so exceeding this limit could lead to various problems. In any case, if you are interested you can download the mod from here.

Elden Ring, a promotional image That said, even bypassing the 60 fps limit the Elden Ring framerate problems on PC remain and for that all that remains is to wait for official updates from FromSoftware. In this regard, a few minutes ago Bandai Namco published an official post apologizing for the problems encountered by players and promised the arrival of corrective patches.

Meanwhile Elden Ring on Steam is the seventh game with more contemporary players than ever within hours of launch.

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Elden Ring PC Frame Rate Issues, PS5 Save Loss Being Looked Into

Elden Ring is available now, and it's one of the best-reviewed games of all time, building on From Software's Souls formula with an open world, mounted combat, and more. However, the game has some technical issues to iron out, and publisher Bandai Namco has outlined what it's looking to fix.

In a message posted February 25, Bandai Namco said there were several 'main items to be revised' in Elden Ring, primarily on the PC version. This includes an issue with the mouse sensitivity being too high, as well as anti-cheat software not loading when starting the game. Frame rate issues have also been reported, and Bandai Namco recommends updating PC drivers to improve performance.

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On PS5, save data can be lost if the PS5 shuts off before closing the game--either when it was fully powered or in rest mode--so if you were using rest mode as an artificial pause button, you may want to reconsider.

'We are also working on a few other bug fixes and performances improvements as needed,' the post added. Problems thus far don't tend to be too severe or game-breaking, though we heavily suggest turning on variable refresh rate (VRR) in your console's and TV's settings if they support it. The smoother gameplay experience goes a long way during hectic boss fights.

Despite it only being February, Elden Ring is already looking like a frontrunner for end-of-year awards. In GameSpot's 10/10 Elden Ring review in progress, Tamoor Hussain called it 'a triumph in design and creativity, and an open-world game that distinguishes itself from what it doesn't do as much as what it does.'

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