Horizon Forbidden West: patch 1.04 available on PS5 and PS4, here are the news

Horizon Forbidden West: patch 1.04 available on PS5 and PS4, here are the news

Horizon Forbidden West

As PlayStation Game Size reports on Twitter, Horizon Forbidden West patch 1.04 is now available for PS4 and PS5</a>, which among other things should improve performance on both consoles.

The game, as for sure you know, it will be officially available from tomorrow, February 18, 2022, but the lucky ones who have a copy in advance can already download and install the update. The same also applies to those who have already completed the preload of the digital version.

According to the patch notes reported by PlayStation Game Size, Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.04 improves performance (albeit without specifying in which cases ), solves some problems related to crashes, progression blocks and aesthetics. The update on PS5 weighs in at around 500MB. Here are the notes as reported on Twitter:

Various performance improvements Fixed some rare or conditional crashes or progression freezes Fixed some cases where the game progression page did not update correctly Fixed several aesthetic problems
In the meantime, the official Horizon Forbidden West LEGO set with Aloy and Collolungo has been announced.

Have you noticed any errors?

Warning: Buying The PS4Horizon Forbidden West’ Version For PS5 Has Pros And Cons

Horizon Forbidden West


Tomorrow marks the launch of Horizon Forbidden West on PlayStation, a game that’s getting great reviews that everyone is looking forward to play.

But a situation has arisen that is confusing gamers about which version of the game to buy, and speaks to the heart of a big change Sony has tried to make this current generation.

  • The PS4 version of Horizon Forbidden West is $60.
  • The PS5 version of Horizon Forbidden West is $70.
  • If you purchase the PS4 version of Horizon Forbidden West, you get a free upgrade to the PS5 version.
  • So why would you pay that extra $10 as a PS5 owner?
  • The answer: there apparently is no reason. There is no fundamental difference between the versions, leading most players to figure out that Sony’s arbitrary next gen price hike can easily be avoided by simply buying the last gen version and upgrading at launch.

    There is one disadvantage to doing this, which you can decided whether or not that’s worth $10 or not (it probably isn’t). If you opt to buy the PS4 version for a future upgrade, you cannot preload the PS5 version ahead of launch (you also have to buy the PS4 version on PS5 through the web, I believe).

    The upgrade process will not be available until after launch, and you’ll have to follow the steps here:

    There also may some complications with disc upgrades, where you will always need the PS4 disc inserted, and it could show PS4 upgrades waiting in your system even after you get the PS5 upgrade.

    This shows how deeply weird the Sony games ecosystem is at the moment. Usually you see free upgrades offered for games that have already been released for a while. As in, a free upgrade to the PS5 enhanced version of Ghost of Tsushima or something. But here, Horizon is coming out simultaneously on both platforms, and yet the promise of a free upgrade remains in place. So why would anyone ever pay that $10 difference?

    This is of course, able to be contrasted with Microsoft, which not only offers simple upgrades through Xbox Smart Delivery, but launches all its first party games on Game Pass day one, so there’s no quibbling about price disparities. And even if you do buy games outright off Game Pass, Microsoft has not joined Sony in raising Series X game prices to $70 for their originals.

    The sooner Sony straightens this out and perhaps admits that this was the wrong time for a global price hike of $10, the better, though they may be so committed to that at this point, they won’t reverse it. But it’s no wonder we keep running into confusing situations like this one, one that could play out again later with PS4/PS5’s God of War Ragarok, but I’m not sure Sony has talked about the potential upgrade process for that game yet.

    I would probably just save the $10 and deal with the launch day upgrade drama. There’s just no reason to pay $70 here other than an easier preload and skipping a few extra steps.

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