Steam, Valve launched a 58-second stream in which it showed nothing

Steam, Valve launched a 58-second stream in which it showed nothing


Yesterday Valve launched a streaming countdown dedicated to Steam on YouTube. More precisely at the Steam Next Fest, which will start today. Too bad the stream lasted just 58 seconds and showed practically nothing.

The video included the Steam logo accompanied by the Next Fest logo. In addition to the classic countdown, which would have ended exactly at the beginning of the event, the dates of the same were also indicated, which as it is known will end on 28 February 2022.

It is a pity that it was abruptly interrupted without any content, unleashing the hilarity of the chat first, and then of the commentators, also because no one has yet thought of removing it from the official Valve channel. Easy to think that Valve wanted to create some anticipation for the event ... and in fact it succeeded, between jokes about the missing announcement of Half-Life 3, Portal 3 and Left 4 Dead 3, and more. >
The fact remains that the Steam Next Fest will be a great thing, with hundreds of demos to try, meet the developers and so much more. We can't wait for it to start.

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Horror game ‘Agony Unrated’ goes missing from Steam players’ libraries

Dark fantasy adult horror game, Agony Unrated, has mysteriously disappeared from Steam players’ libraries.

As reported by PC Gamer, Agony Unrated – the adult version of Agony – has been removed from Steam, and, at this time, the game’s store page cannot be found.

Developed by Madmind Studio and released in 2018, the game was initially cancelled “due to technical and legal reasons” but disappeared from Steam. Now, the developer has released a blog post explaining the reasons for its removal.

“A lot of you have been contacting us to report that Agony Unrated has been removed from your libraries,” the post reads. “We looked into it and found out that this is indeed the case, and the two versions of the game (Agony and Agony: Unrated) were delinked by Steam.

“As most of you know, until now, if you bought Agony, you also received a copy of Agony Unrated in your library,” the post continues. “This was always our intended way to do this and that didn’t change. As some of you are also aware, games with themes similar to ours can often face some difficulties on this platform.

“Unfortunately, we still don’t have full knowledge on why they were delinked, and we’re unable to link the games again using our own tools, so we’re now in contact with Steam support to work out the solution that’ll satisfy everyone.”

Agony Unrated follows the player as a tormented soul within hell without any memories of their past and, to escape from hell, the player is required to meet the Red Goddess. The game features a story mode and a challenge system that randomly generates levels for players to explore and survive.

In the meantime, Supermassive Games has trademarked a new IP titled The Quarry.