MLB The Show 22: Switch version aims at 30 FPS, but the first tests are not positive

MLB The Show 22: Switch version aims at 30 FPS, but the first tests are not positive

MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22 will arrive on Nintendo Switch, for the first time in the saga. The game will aim for 30 FPS, but the first tests are not particularly positive. has carried out a test with the game in the Switch version. The Xbox and PlayStation versions offer dynamic 4K and 60 FPS, while the Switch version is deemed underwhelming. The tech test was struggling to keep up to 30 FPS and overall there were various problems, which also caused discomfort to those who looked at the screen. However, this is a non-definitive version.

MLB The Show 22 on Switch in portable version Ramone Russel - product development communications and brand strategist for MLB The Show - explained that "with regard to the Tech Test, the version of the The game everyone has played is two weeks old and you may have noticed that it is not 100% optimized. That said, when you watch this episode of the Feature Premier, the Nintendo Switch version will have undergone a number of optimizations and updates. it will be much more solid in terms of performance than the Tech Test version. We aim for gameplay at 30 frames per second ".

The hope is that the final version is solid, albeit 30 FPS for a sports game may not be enough for the most competitive players.

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MLB The Show 22 Adds World Series Hero as Playable Character

MLB The Show 22 has revealed that it will be adding a player responsible for one of the most legendary moments in World Series history to this year's edition to the annualized sports sim. With each new MLB The Show installment, developer Sony San Diego likes to add new players from the past to the game's overall roster. And while we've already seen that two Minnesota Twins players will be added in 2022, another major name has also now joined the game. 

Sony San Diego announced on social media today that Kirk Gibson, who is a former winner of the National League MVP, will be coming to MLB The Show 22. Gibson had a career that spanned nearly 20 years on teams such as the Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Kansas City Royals. However, his most famous moment as a player came in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series when he hit a walk-off home run to win for the Dodgers. The moment wasn't just a big deal because it clinched a World Series win for the Dodgers, but Gibson himself was hurt badly at the time, which led to announcer Vin Scully iconically stating, 'In a year that has been so improbable, the impossible has happened!'

While Gibson's addition to MLB The Show 22 is a pretty big deal on its own, Sony San Diego seems to have taken his involvement one step further. Specifically, Gibson's famous home run trot that saw him pumping his fist in jubilation after the aforementioned World Series homer will also be brought into MLB The Show 22. In fact, Sony San Diego will be showing off the animation in action via a new gameplay video that is set to premiere this afternoon. 

If you didn't already have the launch date of MLB The Show 22 circled on your calendar, the game is poised to release this year on April 5, 2022. It will also be arriving this season across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and for the first time, Nintendo Switch.