Battlefield 2042: Skin for a Russian plane, Grin Reaper, removed from the weekly challenge

Battlefield 2042: Skin for a Russian plane, Grin Reaper, removed from the weekly challenge

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Battlefield 2042 offers weekly missions that allow you to get rewards. This week, a skin for a Russian helicopter known as the "Grin Reaper" is available. The team, in response to recent events, has decided to deactivate it. Whoever owns it, however, will not lose access, they have been insured.

The Grin Reaper skin has also been translated into Russian as "Friendly Death": a choice that is anything but appreciable in this context. SAYS, in its message, it only states "in light of current events", without going into too much detail.

The Battlefield 2042 Grin Reaper skin According to a Lead Community Manager, EA has not yet decided whether this skin will be reintroduced into the game and can be obtained by players who do not own it. "It's something we'll discuss." The weekly missions, however, will return to normal from next week. We do not have details on the exact contents at the moment, but we assume that they will be linked to places and nations far from the current conflict.

Always talking about the news coming to the game, at the beginning of February we discovered that the update 3.3 was delayed for a month, the quality was not good enough.

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Battlefield 2042 Devs Remove the Russian Attack Helicopter Skin

Battlefield 2042 devs have decided to pull out their fictionalized Russian Mi-240 Super Hind attack helicopter. It will no longer be available for players to unlock. They also decided to temporarily disable this week’s Weekly Mission.

“In light of current events we have disabled the Weekly Missions for this week,” Battlefield 2042 devs confirmed on social media. “This week’s reward is no longer available to unlock.” 

battlefield 2042 devs remove russian attack helicopter skin

The reward for this week’s Weekly Missions was a skin for the Russian Mi-240 Super Hind attack helicopter. “Players who have already completed this week’s mission will not be affected,” they continued. “Weekly Missions will return next week.”

Battlefield 2042 devs described the Mi-240 Super Hind as “an evolution” of Russia’s actual attack helicopter. Its appearance in the game is very much alike with its real-world counterpart. It has a distinctive dual cockpit design and smaller wings that are capable of mounting multiple weapon systems. The Grin Reaper skin is a classic shark tooth mouth theme that will appear on the nose of the helicopter.

It remains unclear whether or not the cosmetic will be available after the one-week suspension. “Not a decision that we have made just yet,” said Lead Community Manager Adam Freeman. “When Weekly Missions resume next week, it will be with a different challenge and reward.”

This is actually not the first time that Battlefield 2042 had a troublesome Russian cosmetic. Last November, devs had to change the name of an epic tier skin for specialist Pyotr “Boris” Gukovsky. They called the skin Little Green Men. They had to rename it because the original moniker “unintentionally references a real-world issue.”

Little Green Men was the term for the irregular Russian forces that spearheaded the annexation of Crimea in 2014. Battlefield 2042 devs do not support this action in any form and it “is not reflective” of their team’s values.

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