Mario Strikers: Battle League, unveiled the dimensions on Nintendo Switch, is a featherweight

Mario Strikers: Battle League, unveiled the dimensions on Nintendo Switch, is a featherweight

Mario Strikers

Mario Strikers: Battle League will arrive on Nintendo Switch in June, thus marking the return of the series based on five-a-side football after 14 years of waiting. In the meantime, the Nintendo eShop has revealed well in advance the size of the download of the digital version, which fortunately are very small.

As reported by the Nintendo Switch store, Mario Strikers: Battle League weighs only 3 GB, a real featherweight even when compared with other Nintendo productions (which usually have small dimensions). Just to give an example, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate weighs 16 GB, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe weighs 6.8 GB, while Splatoon 2 3.6 GB.

Mario Strikers: Battle League, a very fierce Mario aims for the opponent door Mario Strikers: Battle League will be available from 10 June 2022 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. For those unfamiliar with the series, this is an arcade title inspired by 5-a-side football, but with no holds barred. There are no fouls or offsides and the various characters, drawn from the games from the Mario universe, are capable of performing highly spectacular super-shots.

If we have intrigued you, we advise you to read our preview of Mario Strikers: Battle League in which we have analyzed all the news announced during the last Direct.

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Mario Strikers Battle League release date: Trailer and latest news

The February 2022 Nintendo Direct had many an announcement to deliver and while there were some games we were hoping to see - don't hold your breath for Mario Kart 9 any time soon - there was still enough to get us excited about the future of the Nintendo Switch.


One of the many reveals was that of Mario Strikers Battle League, and we have far less time to wait for it than you might expect considering that it has only just been announced.

The game, which is said to take up 3GB storage space, is the first in the Strikers series since the last was released on the Wii, and while we wait for it, here is everything we know about it so far!

When is the Mario Strikers Battle League release date?

The Mario Strikers Battle League release date will take place on Friday 10th June 2022 - a very fast turnaround for a game to be announced and then released.

What platforms can I get Mario Strikers Battle League on?

The name Mario should be all you need to know to determine what console you will be able to play Mario Strikers Battle League on. It will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive and that will remain the only place to play it.

Can I pre-order Mario Strikers Battle League?

Mario Strikers Battle League pre-orders have indeed begun, with GAME having the title ready to add to your basket for £49.99.

Don't forget that when you pre-order, you will get it at the lowest price it drops to between now and release.

Mario Strikers Battle League gameplay

All the chaos that you would expect to take place when Mario and co take to the pitch will be present and accounted for in Mario Strikers Battle League - so get ready to send the opposing team flying all over the place again with various attacks including tornados!

But with a launch on a newer console comes some new controls and features for this latest instalment. Characters can be customised now and the changes you make to things like gear will have an impact on how well they perform on the field - a fun extra layer to the madness of these games.

New special moves, items, and Hyper Strikes are on the way too, and up to eight players can play multiplayer either online or locally.

There is also the inclusion of Online Clubs that allow 20 players to join up and take on opposing teams.

Mario Strikers Battle League trailer

There sure is a Mario Strikers Battle League trailer and here is the one that was shown off at the recent Nintendo Direct presentation.

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