New series coming to the Spice and Wolf anime

New series coming to the Spice and Wolf anime

On her official Twitter account, Isuna Hasekura announced that her Spice and Wolf series will have a new anime! The news was given through a promotional video. The announcement comes as part of the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the release of the original Spice and Wolf novel that started the franchise way back in 2006.

What we know about the new Spice and Wolf anime

Little information has been revealed about the new production. We do not have a possible release date nor do we know if it will be a sequel, a remake or something totally new.

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The illustrator Jyuu Ayakura commented on the happy news as follows:

“Fifteen years have passed since the beginning of the Holo journey and Lawrence. We are delighted to be able to share their journey with you again. "

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“I am very, very happy to see Holo, Lawrence and the others in the form of animation! I can't wait to see what the anime will be like! "

Below you can watch the promotional video:

The Spice and Wolf franchise

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The series has inspired a manga adaptation illustrated by Keito Koume serialized starting with the November 2007 issue of ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Maoh manga magazine. The manga was published in Italy by Planet Manga from 12 November 2011 to 18 October 2018 and you can retrieve it on Amazon!

In 2008, the series received a 12-episode anime adaptation created from the Imagin animation studio, which aired from January to March, including a single episode of original video animation (OVA) released in May. A second OVA was released the following year in April 2009 as a prequel to the second season of the anime Spice and Wolf II, which aired with 12 episodes between July and September 2009.