Sonic: SEGA frankly explains the reasons for the film's success

Sonic: SEGA frankly explains the reasons for the film's success


Why was the Sonic movie successful? In his latest financial report, SEGA explained it quite frankly: thanks to fans of the series, who after being satisfied promoted it to the general public.

The Sonic film was the sixth for global revenues of 2020, doing big numbers, which SEGA explained in detail: "The secret to the great success of the film has been the strength of the global community of Sonic fans. We have made public the characterization of the characters of the film to promote it before the launch. In In response, several fans posted very harsh and critical comments on social media. We listened carefully to their voices and took their criticism seriously, making significant changes. The result was a marked increase in fan satisfaction, who became fans. positive influencers for the film, which then reached a wider audience, getting a great response and driving the great result. "

What can I say? Long live sincerity. SEGA in fact admitted that being forced to retrace their steps by the hatred of fans for the first version of the cinematic Sonic was good for the film's takings, as they later became promoters. Too bad for hell that it seems the animators went through to update the film. But, after all, they are workers. Who cares about them?

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Sonic the comic characters reimagined

Okay so I reimagined some old characters from the 'Sonic the comic' and how they'd fit in my Sonic Monoverse AU. 

Ebony the cat- Because the Recent comics brought back Amy's Tarot cards, I thought my not give Amy a teacher in the mystic arts? So here is Ebony the one who thought her to read the cards and gifted her, her pack. Ebony works in a small coffee shop called the 'Groovy train' with her teacher Pyjamas the dog who took her on as an apprentice when she was younger and now Ebony is carrying on the tradition with Amy. 

Forelock the unicorn-An all powerful wizard and studier of mystical stones. 

Extra life-After being an evil clone split from Sonic, Extra Life wreaked havoc on all the hedgehogs friends under the guise of the blue blur himself. after Sonic stopped him, time and time again he gave up on that, now he's starting a new life unattached to predecessor, he goes by the name Eli now and doesn't like when people ask if he's related to Sonic, replying with a 'It's complicated' 

Super Sonic- Super Sonic was all the pent up rage and chaos in the emeralds that corrupted the hero Sonic as he transformed. his friends mange to stop his new chaotic form but at the cost of creating an all powerful double. but that double after being split from Sonic became their own person very new to the world and in need of guidance, especially when it comes to controlling the power of chaos that runs through him. He's been given the name Fleet, to help avoid confusion between the real Super Sonic. He was also taken in by Ebony and works at her café.