Pokémon Unite: qualifiers for the 2022 World Championships are underway

Pokémon Unite: qualifiers for the 2022 World Championships are underway

Pokémon Unite

Today, The Pokémon Company announced that, starting in February, a series of monthly qualifying events for the 2022 World Championships will be held on Pokémon Unite in all geographic areas. The total value of the prizes will be over $ 1 million, of which $ 500,000 will be up for grabs in the World Championships. Players are invited to form teams to compete in 5v5 battles in the tournament mode of the MOBA on Pokémon.

From February to June, each month there will be qualification events open to all and without participation costs , in which players will be able to participate using the version of Pokémon Unite for the platforms: Nintendo Switch, iOS or Android.

In the first season of the championship, Trainers from seven geographical areas will be able to compete against each other: North America, America South, Europe, Oceania, Japan, South Korea and Asia Pacific. The events will only be open to those aged 16 or over.

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Pokemon Unite Aegislash Release Time, Date, and Role

Pokemon Unite continues to get bigger and bigger as Aegislash is set to join the popular battle arena game later this week.

Alongside the release of Aegislash, the brand new Battle Pass 5 “New Sheriff In Town” arrived a little over a week ago, filled with plenty of new styles. Including Frontier Style Zeraora, Gardening Style Dragonite, Trainer Fashion pieces, and more.

Here’s everything you need to know about Aegislash, including the official release date and time.

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  • Pok√©mon Unite | Aegislash Character Trailer



    Pokémon Unite | Aegislash Character Trailer






    Pokemon Unite Aegislash Release Time & Date

    The official release date for Aegislash in Pokemon Unite is Thursday, February 10th, 2022.

    Based on the release time of previous Pokemon Unite updates, Aegislash will come to the game at 11PM PT (February 10th) / 2AM ET (February 11th) / 7AM GMT (February 11th).

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  • Aegislash Role & Move Set

    Players will be pleased to know that Aegislash is an All-Rounder Pokemon. It first evolves from Honedge to Doublade, before reaching its final form of Aegislash.

    According to gamewith.net, Aegislash will have the following moves:

  • A shield to block and control crowds
  • A shield that appears to block damage and control crowds, similar to Snorlax’s Block.
  • Triangular targeting for area damage
  • Highlights the area in front of Aegislash and hits all Pokemon in this area with a powerful move.
  • Sword attack that sends enemies flying
  • A sword attack that will work well to control crowds by throwing enemies high into the air.
  • Lasar beam focusing
  • Focuses on specific targets within a straight line.
  • Sword smash
  • This will likely be Aegislash’s Unite move, which is a powerful downward sword smash that will likely deal a deadly blow to any Pokemon in its path.
  • For more details on Aegislash, make sure to check out gamewith.net’s full guide.

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