If you love video games, don't miss the next Nintendo announcement

If you love video games, don't miss the next Nintendo announcement

If you love video games

Nintendo's next announcement may surprise you. These are the words of Masahiro Sakurai, author and director of the Super Smash Bros saga, in reference to the next and last character of the exclusive Nintendo Switch.

Let's face it: the Nintendo exclusive may certainly not affect many of you . On the other hand, it is a fighting game, which is reserved for a rather particular niche, but Sakurai is sure of it: even if you don't play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you won't have to miss the last fighter to be added to the roster. "This new fighter could be a character that he does not know or maybe different than what you expect, but I hope you enjoy watching the broadcast as I enjoyed recording it", the words of Sakurai entrusted to his social accounts. The surprises can be many: on the other hand, during this long period, the title has been able to add characters from Dragon Quest, Minecraft, Banjo and Kazooie and many other franchises well known and appreciated by the players.

When will the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate broadcast air? Nintendo has set it for tomorrow, starting at 16:00 Italian time. This special event marks the end of the fighting game support, which now has almost three years on its shoulders. And many imagine a closure with a bang, with a character perhaps also belonging to another universe than that of video games.

The latest character to join the Nintendo exclusive was Kazuya Mishima, straight from the Tekken series. His fighting game debut came in conjunction with the Challenger Pack 10, which also included altribonus, as well as a new stage and a selection of music from the Bandai Namco franchise. The total number of characters added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will go up tomorrow to 13: not bad for three years of activity, isn't it?

You can recover Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by clicking HERE.

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