Dying Light 2 is first on Steam, over 180,000 contemporary players

Dying Light 2 is first on Steam, over 180,000 contemporary players

Dying Light 2 is first on Steam

Dying Light 2: Stay Human has apparently been welcomed with open arms by PC gamers. At the moment Techland's latest effort on Steam has exceeded 180,000 players connected simultaneously and is first in the ranking of best-selling games.

According to data provided by SteamDB, at the time of writing Dying Light 2: Stay Human has 184,093 active contemporary players. It is currently fifth in the ranking of games with the most active users, behind Apex Legends and above Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. Really remarkable numbers for a singleplayer game, then.

For comparison, the first Dying Light reached a peak of 45.876 concurrent users, while the port of God of War for PC, to name another highly anticipated recent game, did not go beyond 73.529 contemporary users.

As mentioned at the beginning, in these hours Dying Light 2: Stay Human is first in the ranking of the best-selling games on Steam, with the Lost Ark Founder packages in second and third place, while Elden Ring is fourth.

In short, Dying Light 2: Stay Human has been received with great enthusiasm by the players, although the votes of the international press are positive, but not exciting. If you haven't, we also recommend you read our review of Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 is available today for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and Xbox One, with the Cloud version for Nintendo Switch which will be available in the course of 2022.

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Dying Light 2 gets off to a flying start on Steam

Techland, ready for takeoff.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human has had a brilliant launch, with initial numbers on Steam passing 160,000 players.

The latest figures show that, even with a somewhat mixed bag of reviews, there is definitely enthusiasm for Techland's zombie ridden, parkour powered brawl. On its launch, Dying Light 2 saw 160,202 concurrent players on Steam (via Benji Sales). To put this into perspective, that is 3.5 times that of Dying Light 1's all-time peak, and 50 percent bigger than that of Capcom's Resident Evil Village.

These figures are great news for Techland - and suggests not everyone was put off by the idea of Dying Light 2 would take players over 500 hours to complete.

The company soon revised its initial statements on the game's length after receiving backlash, and whittled that number down to a more digestible 20 hours of gameplay. That is, should players stick solely to the main story.

Despite this backtrack, however, Techland still seemed keen to make some unusual flexes ahead of Dying Light 2's launch. One tweet even went as far to boast that Dying Light 2 had 350k words - the same as Tolstoy's Anna Karenina.

In Eurogamer's review of Dying Light 2, Martin Robinson said: 'Techland's vast blockbuster buckles under its own ambition and lacks in innovation'. However, he feels that the game makes up for that by introducing 'outstanding parkour and combat'.

For those yet to get their hands on Dying Light 2 but would like to see more, there is a chance to check out the first hour of gameplay by following the link here.