Resident Evil Village for PS5 on Amazon on offer: lowest price ever?

Resident Evil Village for PS5 on Amazon on offer: lowest price ever?

Resident Evil Village for PS5 on Amazon on offer

Resident Evil Village for PS5 is available on Amazon on offer at what would seem to be the lowest price ever for the game, at least considering the retail format: € 41.85 instead of 69.99.

Offer Amazon Resident Evil Village - PlayStation 5 € 69.99 € 41.85

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Share 4.5 million copies sold, Resident Evil Village was truly appreciated by fans of the Capcom series and beyond, even winning a nomination for the Game of the Year category among the finalists of the 2021 Game Awards.

Results excellent but well-deserved: as you have certainly read in our Resident Evil Village review, this new chapter introduces a different setting than usual and in the same way leverages a gothic horror rather than pulling the usual zombies in the middle.

Elements that are declined in an experience very close to a first person shooter, which once again puts us in the shoes of Ethan Winters, the protagonist of Resident Evil 7 biohazard (here the review), but with a different approach , more resolute than in the past.

The offer of A mazon is really interesting and can allow you to recover a survival horror of great depth and quality, which, moreover, from a technical point of view on PlayStation 5 is really good.

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PS5 Black Friday deals 2021: early offers and console restocks

Whether it's games, accessories, PS Plus – or, if we're lucky, a console – this is the place to be for all of this year's PS5 Black Friday deals. Even though it's an almighty challenge simply finding a console available to buy right now, we're sure that those lucky enough to own one already will find some bargains over the next few weeks. As for PS5 restock news, we know already that Game has a PS5 restock today and Walmart will have consoles over the Black Friday period from November 22. Check in throughout the month for more updates on this.

We're certain that games will feature heavily, as that's where some of the best offers were found last year. Even new games such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion fell to record low prices – and we're already seeing signs of that repeating. Over at Best Buy, both of these games were reduced to just $20 as part of their early Black Friday deals, while the new release Far Cry 6 is already down to $39.99 at Amazon.

If you're looking for deals today you can head over to Best Buy where a 1TB Western Digital Black SN850 SSD is down to $199.99 (was $279.99). Many of us are suffering from the PS5s limited internal storage as our game libraries increase and this is currently the cheapest way to double your console's hard drive space. Your next best equivalent in the UK is this 1TB XPG Gammix S70 Blade for £176. It's all ready to simply be plugged into your PS5 and you're good to go.

That's just one of the many PS5 SSD Black Friday deals we expect to see this year. On top of that, the regular Black Friday PS Plus deals should see the cost of membership reduced by 33% once again. Just don't expect to see any discounted PS5 bundles on November 26. We've been tracking where to buy the PS5 and kept an eye on all the latest PS5 restock updates every day for the last 12 months and everything is still being sold for full price.

Whether there's console stock or not, you'll find all the latest news right here as well as all the key offers that popup. As we enter November the smallest hint of some early PS5 Black Friday deals has started to emerge – all of which you can find just below.

Early PS5 Black Friday deals: quick links (US)Early PS5 Black Friday deals: quick links (UK)PS5 Black Friday deals: our predictions

The PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition console with DualSense controller

(Image credit: Sony)When will the best PS5 Black Friday deals be available?

Black Friday falls on November 26 in 2021. However, we've seen that discounts on games and accessories are usually made available in the weeks leading up to the main event as well. While any consoles that might be hitting shelves will likely be held back for the big weekend itself, these smaller purchases are far better positioned to offer early discounts. We'd keep the calendar marked from November 19 onwards, then, if you're eyeing a PS5 deal this Black Friday. 

Which retailers will have the best PS5 Black Friday deals?

There are no surprises here when it comes to finding the best PS5 Black Friday deals. You should expect to see all the usual suspects: from major retailers to specialist gaming stores. Many offers will be shared by all, while some should have exclusive deals over the sales period. We will get a better idea of specifics when the first Black Friday ads are released in the coming weeks.

Top US retailersAmazon: largest discounts on games, PS Plus, accessories and SSDsBest Buy: excellent selection of PS5 games and accessories dealsGameStop: your best chance to buy a PS5 bundle over Black FridayWalmart: likely to have a PS5 restock and some good game deals

Top UK retailersAmazon: vast selection of offers on games, accessories, SSDs and moreArgos: regularly matches big discounts on games and accessoriesCurrys: potential restock ballot and price cuts on top PS5 gamesGame: specialist retailer that should have a PS5 restock over Black FridayJohn Lewis: limited offers but could be good if others have no stockVery: good opportunity for PS5 game and accessories offers

What PS5 Black Friday deals can you expect this year?

Last year's PS5 Black Friday deals were particularly kind to recent releases at the time. Assassin's Creed: Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion were some of the better offers we saw previously and they had been out a matter of weeks. However, we might not see such dramatic price cuts on the likes of Call of Duty: Vanguard, Battlefield 2042 and Guardians of the Galaxy so soon.

Nevertheless, games like Outriders, Oddworld: Soulstorm, Returnal, Resident Evil Village, Deathloop, Back 4 Blood and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart are likely contenders for the highest value discounts in this year's PS5 Black Friday deals. They will have had a good few months on the shelves to mature and hopefully hit some of their lowest prices over the shopping weekend.

Older launch games like Demon's Souls, Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Spider-Man: Miles Morales haven't seen too many big discounts so far in 2021. However, come November, these will likely be prime candidates for some excellent savings as well. 

A screenshot from Sackboy: A Big Adventure on PS5

(Image credit: Sony)

As mentioned, many third-party cross-platform titles like Assassin's Creed: Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion have already hit extraordinary price lows since launch. It's likely these prices will remain around the $20 - $30 / £20 - £30 mark, though we might also see some flash sales clearing stock to make way for new instalments as well.

In terms of hardware, we saw some excellent offers on gaming headsets and external hard drives in last year's PS5 Black Friday deals. While discounts weren't so forthcoming on official gear, there were a few small price drops on the PS5 DualSense controller in the UK. We've already seen prices drop down to $59.99 in rare sales so far this year in the US, so things are looking hopeful for more PS5 controller deals come November as well.

The highest value savings in this area, however, will come from third parties. Razer, HyperX and SteelSeries are regular favorites in this arena as they make some of the best PS5 headsets – and last year was no different. That means we'd keep a close eye on brand-wide sales from Amazon come November to bring you the best gaming headset deals.

Also, look out for reductions on PS5 compatible SSDs. In recent months, the Gen 4 M.2. drives from Samsung and Western Digital have been slashed in price – and both are some of the best PS5 SSDs to expand your storage. Just know you'll have to add a heatsink to these to ensure they remain cool in the console. Other drives with an attached heatsink are usually more expensive but, knowing it's going to be a popular item over Black Friday, there are bound to be some offers on these SSDs from Seagate, XPG and Gigabyte.

For more of an insight into what to expect from this year's PS5 Black Friday deals, we can take a look at last year's offers just below.

Top tips for finding PS5 deals over Black Friday


(Image credit: Sony)

The vast majority of last year's Black Friday deals came in the form of cheap PS5 games. That wasn't just current-gen releases, such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Marvel's Spider-Man, but also a number of PS4 games that had been given free PS5 upgrades. Expect to see these return this year, as well as reductions on more first-party PS5 games that have launched over the last 12 months.

In terms of accessories, we did see some cash shaved off the price of the DualSense PS5 controller and headsets. Look out for cuts on the new color variations of these peripherals as the latest Midnight Black iterations launched earlier this year.

Will the PS5 even be in stock for Black Friday?

We have no concrete information about when Sony's own supply issues will be resolved, but it seems unlikely it'll be improved by Black Friday 2021. Until we know Sony's own timeline for production and distribution, then, it's difficult to judge the extent of the PS5 restock come November. There will be something, but consoles won't be readily available everywhere.

Most suggestions seem to say that the global chip shortage could be around until 2023 at the earliest. That means another year ahead of us refreshing store pages and rushing to sites for every restock announcement. It's a problem Microsoft is also facing with the Xbox Series X – and that console is still hard to buy. We haven't seen the situation improve any better from Sony's perspective, so any console availability during the PS5 Black Friday deals period will still be extremely limited.

With the stock that is available, expect to see more PS5 bundles take to the shelves this year. Likely contenders for included games include Call of Duty Vanguard, FIFA 22, or Sony exclusives such as Deathloop and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. You won't save any money buying this way, but we all want a new game with our console, right?

The only other decision you'll have to make is whether you go for the standard PS5 or the Digital Edition. We break down the key differences in our PS5 vs PS5 Digital Edition guide, but the key point in the Digital Edition does not include a disc drive so you're limited to game downloads only. It's important to note that Sony produces less of these consoles so they are much harder to find!

Where to check for PS5 stock on Black Friday

For those in the US, we saw GameStop, Walmart and Best Buy all use their Black Friday ads to confirm that additional PS5 stock would be sold during Thanksgiving week last year. With the way deals announcements are being staggered out in a similar fashion this year, we're fully expecting something similar in 2021.

Immediately, then, those are the three you should definitely be following if you're hoping to get a console as part of this year's PS5 Black Friday deals. Naturally, we're positive that demand will be even higher during this busy sales period. You'll really need to be on the ball to get through the checkout and secure your purchase. You can also follow our PS5 restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider for the latest news on PS5 consoles in the US.

On the other side of the pond, we're really not sure how UK retailers are going to handle PS5 restocks over Black Friday. There was absolutely nothing available to buy after the initial pre-order wave last year so we're entering uncharted territory. 

Our best guess is that we could see some bundles at Game, Argos, Amazon, Smyths, Currys or Very over the Black Friday period. This is purely based on the frequency of drops this year, rather than any announcements from the retailers. If we hear anything, we'll update you right here.

When the time comes, these are the links you'll need to check for PS5 stock on Black Friday.

PS5 Black Friday restock (US)PS5 Black Friday restock (UK)Which PS5 SSDs should I look out for on Black Friday?


(Image credit: Future)

We think the biggest task this year will be the hunt for any cheap PS5 SSD deals. The firmware update that enables expandable storage in the console is now available to all, so those who are also struggling for room to install more games will want to grab one of these over Black Friday. 

Definitely keep an eye out for the XPG Gammix S70 Blade, which is currently the best PS5 SSD with heatsink to buy. There are a number of other options to consider – including the Samsung 980 Pro, Western Digital Black SN850 and Crucial P5 Plus – and you can be sure we'll be scouring the net for any deals on these over Black Friday.