Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sora pushes eShop sales

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sora pushes eShop sales

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is enjoying a boost in digital sales thanks to the debut of Sora, the latest downloadable character: the game is back on the podium of the eShop rankings after a long time since the last time.

Available from today in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sora was in fact voted the most desired character by fans in Japan, so it's no wonder he was able to make a substantial contribution to the game's success.

After the 'excellent launch in 2018, the title directed by the tireless Masahiro Sakurai therefore returns to occupy a prominent place in the eShop ranking, third after the excellent Metroid Dread (here the review) and the surprise represented by Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl (here the review).

With the arrival of Sora, after just three years, the ambitious update plan for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (the review, by the way) closes, which have led the roster of this chapter to impose itself as the richest ever.

Still on the subject of Sora, Nintendo users will be able to see him again soon as the complete series of Kingdom Hearts will arrive on the Switch in the cloud version.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate update adds Sora, buffs several fighters

It’s a little hard to believe, but with the latest update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sora from Kingdom Hearts is officially in the game. One of the most requested characters of all time, Sora seemed like a pipe dream to many, but Nintendo navigated what we imagine was a licensing nightmare to make it happen. Update 13.0.0 adds Sora to the game, but beyond his introduction, the update also buffs several low-tier characters.

The list of fighter adjustments for version 13.0.0 is reasonably long. The first change on the list impacts all fighters, making it so any character forced to fall in place with Kazuya’s side special can’t be stepped on when jumping. After that, it’s into the buffs for low-tiers, starting with Jigglypuff, who now has reduced vulnerability with neutral attack 2, back air, and down throw.

Dr. Mario has received several changes as well. For instance, Dr. Mario’s neutral air now has an extended launch distance in the high-damage window, while down air has increased attack speed. Likewise, Zelda’s launch distance on up smash and down smash has been improved, while this patch also increases the power of her flurry attack. Lucario, meanwhile, as seen buffs to his dash attack, side tilt, and down tilt.

Rosalina & Luma have seen a pair of changes that tweak how Luma reacts to Rosalina’s attacks, while Little Mac has received a series of buffs that should make him more capable. One noteworthy Little Mac change has buffed his side smash against shields when it’s used with a down input, so be wary of that the next time you meet a Little Mac online.

Ridley, King K. Rool, Isabelle, and Incineroar have also received changes, with all but Ridley receiving multiple buffs. Will these changes make any of these low-tier characters more viable in competitive and high-level online play? That’s clearly the hope, but we’ll just have to see how they perform in tournaments post-buffs.

Even with these changes, most of the focus will be on Sora and how he shakes up the meta (if he does at all). Sora is the final DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and while we might see another patch or two in the future, his addition is almost certainly an indication that development is winding down in general. You can read the full patch notes for this update on Nintendo’s support site, but otherwise, Sora is live in Ultimate for those who own his Challenger Pack or Fighters Pass 2.